In open form, you can store grain at home only for 5 days. Once saturated with moisture, the taste of the coffee drink will not please you, to put it mildly.

It is important that the storage of this product performing correctly. That is the only way to fully preserve its flavor and useful components.

The most natural product, like coffee beans. Many people prefer to buy beans, and at home, you need to fry and cook yourselves. But there are certain rules of purchase and storage. Without this, it is impossible to properly prepare this product, and even more so, to save it.

Secrets to preserve long-term coffee bean storage

how long do coffee beans last

Following their preparation in a kitchen, need to place the ground coffee beans on the street. If you want to keep all their beneficial properties. Place it in a well-closed case. Besides, this is necessary to prevent the following conditions:

Following their preparation in the kitchen, they need to put espresso beans down the street. If you want to keep all of their beneficial properties. Put it in a well-sealed condition. Otherwise, this is necessary to prevent the following conditions:

  • The cafe is exposed to the open air for a long time and the oil evaporates from it. This leads to a complete loss of taste and aroma of the drinks;
  • Grains absorb moisture from the air quickly, which can lead to a complete loss of their quality.
  • Preparation of drinks from cereals that are not rich, aromatic and far from perfect;
  • Grains exposed to the open air for a long time, and their structure becomes denser. Lateral sutures can form in the lumen. This leads to the fact that the drink almost has a sour taste and shape of tasteless foam on the surface.

You must know key suggestions for preserving espresso in order for the product to last a long time. Preserve its quality and ensure that the drink produced from it is tasty and flavorful. They include the following rules:

  • Recommends storing of coffee beans or coffee grounds. At the optimal temperature in the range from 13 to 16 degrees Celsius. And the relative humidity level should be 50-60%;
  • When choosing a container for storing espresso seeds, pay attention to increasing the strength. so that this spirit cannot enter them. You can use a basin or a shovel. A glass container with a lid can be used to store coffee beans or beans for a long time. Air is not allowed through. Add some cleansing. These quantities are not less than 50 microns and air does not penetrate into them;
  • When using bloody plastic containers. Remember, you should always have a “wholesale” label. They are designed to inhale the smell of food when it comes into contact with the walls of the container. may last for a long time;
  • Better once a month, you need to open the jar or package. Spill out grain or grind and dry at room temperature for 10-12 hours;
  • Recommend it storing espresso beans in a dark place. No sudden temperature fluctuations. A kitchen cabinet is a great storage option. But only if you store it at a distance of 4-5 meters from the heating device;
  • Do not store the product near spices. or cereals. If there is any leak in the containers, its smell may pass to other products. Also, espresso can get the aroma of spices and other products;
  • Many people store their espresso in the refrigerator. But don’t do it. The fact is that this appliance has to open frequently. Condensation with cooling grains, all the stocks of this product are unusable;
  • A good place to leave would be a freezer. But must meet up with some important conditions. Grains or ground espresso are best divided into separate dishes. You can calculate each of which once. Divided into 10 days, and locate the rest in the depth of the freezer. For storage, we recommend it to use opaque vacuum packaging. Because when direct light falls, useful substances, beverages destroy. We do not recommend that the air remains in the vessel. Because it negatively affects the quality of the product. For this reason, when filling coffee in a jar or packaging, it is necessary to fill it more fully;
  • Do not store espresso seeds at temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius. This can cause intensifying chemical reactions, removing moisture, essential oils. All this will lead to the formation of mold, and the moldy product is simply not suitable for drinking.

Featuring Storage properties of raw beans

Green or raw coffee beans have a long shelf life. The average lifespan of a beverage is about three years. But according to certain rules, this period can be extended to 4 years or more.

It is important to fulfill the following conditions:

  • Having bought cereals by weight, you need to sort them carefully. Be sure to remove broken kernels and gunk.
  • Often, along with quality beans, small black components are present. This can significantly spoil the entire flavor of the leftover cereal. So shoot them carefully;
  • After removing unnecessary things, dry everything well at room temperature for 10-12 hours;
  • Another option is to store the product in the refrigerator or freezer. But before frying, leave it at room temperature for a while to warm up. Otherwise, the food will be fried, which can lead to increased moisture production.

Final Verdict

Coffee beans can become flat or stale due to poor storage methods. With proper storage, you can extend the life of your beans for several months. Coffee or ground coffee that you make yourself will last less than ground coffee.

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