Sorry! you can only enjoy your coffee creamer’s shot for a little while:coffee creamer

In reality, there are only two things that happen to espresso in a matter of minutes.
First, the cream or foam on the espresso returns to the liquid. The cream itself carries some of the best flavors. That flavor plus its aromatic qualities keeps its high-concentration espresso. Drinking it right away can confuse, but putting the cream back in can be a good thing.


Second, the espresso cools down. The temperature of espresso has a lot to do with how we taste the different flavors it contains.

I’m not an espresso lover myself – I like regular coffee, but not after it’s cooled and never reheated. Many people are perfectly happy to microwave a cold cup and drink it.

I imagine an older, colder espresso is okay for you as long as you will tolerate it.

The fact, a small cup of coffee, even if it’s brewed the fancy way, is going to cool much faster than a full cup or a full pot.

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