If you want to place your Starbucks iced coffee in the fridge, then it usually lasts for 1 day. You must drink it within 12 hours to a max of 24 hours.

Starbucks iced coffee

If you care for your coffee, then it is better not to keep your coffee in the fridge. Please store it properly covered with sealed. Otherwise, by keeping your coffee in the fridge, you risk altering its taste and calories as well.

If you place the coffee next to foods with a strong odor, it could also pick up their aroma. I doubt you like to taste your favorite drink with a cheesy or overripe fruit aftertaste.

As compared to cold brew coffee, Starbucks iced coffee normally has a far shorter shelf life.

These precautions are very easy to take. If you do so, your Starbucks iced coffee will be safe for the day perfectly in the refrigerator.

Of course, keep it a secret from any coffee master.

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