Many times, to take care of the line, the important thing is not what people eat, but what they drink.

And it is that sometimes, a simple coffee or tea could contain more calories than a sandwich would have. However, people rarely deal with this fact.

How many calories in Starbucks iced coffee

It is the typical American coffee. But Blend with ice will give the freedom to eat whatever you want. Because it won’t make you fat.

With freshly brewed StarbucksĀ® Iced Coffee, lightly sweetened over ice will give you 60 calories along with 15 grams of sugar. But when you choose unsweetened, you will get less than 5 calories and 0 grams of sugar.

We all know that most drinks at Starbucks have a lot of sugar and fat. But believe it or not, there is a way to continue enjoying them without getting fat in the process. Even you store it on your refrigerator for couple of hours!

Some recommendations are:

  • For nothing in the world ask for the venti size, because you will double or triple the amounts of sugar and fat.
  • Always choose the tall size and without whipped cream.
  • Do not drink drinks with whole milk; opt for light, soy or coconut.
  • When you add some syrup to your drink, ask for the syrup without sugar or for only half of it.
  • Use Stevia or Splenda.
  • Add ice to your drinks.

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