How Many Coffee Beans Per Cup?

You have opted for a coffee machine, whether it be your office work or on the private level. You want to find out the number of cups of coffee achievable with 1 kilo of coffee beans. This solution of tasting and appreciation of coffee is much more environmentally friendly and Eco-friendly but actually uses slightly more ground cafe in a capsule Nespresso®* compatible which, in turn, conserves natural resources…

In short, if you have opted for an espresso machine, here is the clarification on the questions that you ask.

As we know, an espresso machine’s automatic grain can be very precisely adjusted. The weight varies depending on the intensity, size, and strength of your cup.

However, we believe that a cup of espresso with espresso beans is composed of an average of 10 grams of espresso.

1KG = 1’000 G of coffee / 10GR = 100 cafes in moy.

In other words, with a kilo of coffee beans, one achieves 100 coffees, using an automatic machine.

According to the setting made, the basis weight may be less important and get off at 8 grams per cup. Therefore, in our calculation:

1 KG = 1’000 G of coffee / 8GR = 125 cafes avg.

How to measure coffee?

Despite all the apparent simplicity, the question “How to measure coffee?”

If you have a device to make coffee but do you want to learn about it more! You can, of course, use special kitchen scales, but they are not available in every home. So, let’s figure out how to measure espresso. So that you always get the very 7 grams that are necessary for the perfect espresso?

Every lover of a fragrant freshly brewed drink certainly wondered how to measure coffee. It would seem that there are instructions on the package. But the wording “1-3 spoons per cup” is difficult to understand anything specific.

Cups, I must say, are different, and a spoon can fit a different amount of ground grains. First of all, of course, you should consider the size of the cup. For a miniature “thimble” is enough and one spoon. But if the cup is large, then you need just three.

And how to measure coffee if the required amount is exactly 7 grams, and there is no kitchen scale at hand?

Naturally, at home, people use a teaspoon for this purpose.

How Many Coffee Beans Per Cup?

Let’s make a reservation right away! Next, we will talk specifically about medium-ground coffee. Since this characteristic also affects the ratio of weight and volume of powder.

So, in a teaspoon filled to the brim, pour 3 — 4 grams of the coffee. If you scoop up ground grains, as they say, with a hill, then their weight can reach 6, or even 7 grams. Sometimes there may be problems with the spoons themselves.

The fact is that differences in design can affect the amount of ground coffee that fits in a spoon.

How to measure cafe if you are not sure that the volume of your teaspoon is standard?

It offers a not very elegant, but effective solution-take a regular matchbox. With its volume, there will be no surprises.

A matchbox filled with a slide is the perfect 7 grams for espresso.

By the way, questions about how to measure cappuccino for a long time! So, that has not tormented many happy owners of cappuccino makers. Complete with this technique.

There are special measuring spoons for cappuccino. That holds exactly 7 grams of ground grains. Purchase such an accessory in specialized stores. Separately from the cappuccino maker itself and used even for making cappuccino in a Turk.

Those lucky people whose cappuccino machine runs on capsules or chalds do not know grief at all.

I always designed a part of the product for one cup of the perfect drink. If you are wondering how to measure cappuccino of coarse or fine grinding, use this simple arithmetic.

Grains are ground to dust to make cappuccino with an equal volume. Average grains will give more weight. The difference will be about 1 gram.

As for coarse grinding, so it will give you a weight loss of about a gram compared to the average.

And how to measure cappuccino for those who grind the beans right before cooking?

Indeed, to guess how many grains you need to take on a teaspoon of powder, you can’t do without psychic abilities. But don’t worry, we have computed everything for your relief. To get 7 grams of ground cappuccino, you need 1 tablespoon of beans in a cappuccino grinder.

Final Verdict

The last recommendation on how to measure coffee will be the advice not to skimp. If the recipe says ” Take 1 spoonful of ground cafe…”, do not hesitate to take at least two. Too strong it can soften a drink with cream or syrup, so it will be quite tasty. But you can’t fix a thin cup of joe.

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