Coffee makers from KitchenAid come in a variety of models and sizes. Coffee needs to stay warm to serve fresh. As a result, cleaning a coffee maker is an essential part of its upkeep. If the coffee maker is left dirty, it will become unusable.
Monthly cleaning of your KitchenAid is a clever choice to feel the fresh aroma of the coffee.


1. Pour an equal amount of vinegar and water into the coffee cup. After that, Pour the mixture into the coffee maker’s water tank.

2. Start your coffee maker’s brew period. You will find a cleaning indicator light most KitchenAid coffee makers. This indicator light will switch on when there is a lot of dirt in your coffee maker. To fully clean your coffeemaker, you can need to run many cycles.

3. Fill the water tank halfway with cold water from the coffee pot. Start the brewing process. The cold water will wash away any accumulated vinegar and minerals. To ensure that the coffeemaker is clean, run at least three cold water cycles.

And Here is a DIY video guide from KitchenAid India. Take a look if you want:

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