How to Clean Ninja Coffee Maker?

Ninja Coffee Maker is very easy to clean. Its built-in system makes your cleaning process much easier. Looking for “How to Clean Ninja Coffee Maker?”. Let’s dive in!

All you have to do is to follow the procedure like other coffee machines.

Now, need to be habitual in using the machine’s built-in system. After that you can run the Ninja Coffee Maker with ease, you need to keep it clean daily.

After each use, Ninja Coffee Maker produces some calcium. The calcium comes from the oil in beans and the hard water around the coffeemaker.

Those calciums finally create blockages. That blockages resist the steam flow of hot coffee. Furthermore, create blockades to the machine’s internal pipes, water drains, and outlets.

No worries! Nothing else to do. Only need to push a button to clear those blockages. That button allows you to manage all cleaning activities fast and smoothly.

All you need to follow our instructions to make your favorite Ninja Coffee Maker as like as brand new.

How to Clean Ninja Coffee Maker and Bar?

Clean-up the coffee maker

There are two things you need to know at the time of cleaning your Ninja coffee maker. One for its removable pieces and another for its base frame.

Clean-up the removable parts

As you know, all types of Removable parts are always dishwasher safe. So, they are usually the easiest to clean.

You need to remove them from the coffee maker and wash them in the sink like a glass or a mug.

The best way to clean these parts, filter basket and the exterior is with warm soapy water & a soft cloth to wipe down. You can let the pieces soak if there is any built-up on them, and then uses that soft cloth to scrub them.

After, the pieces of equipment have rinsed the soap off well. Simply allow these parts to dry completely before reassembling your brew setup.

Types of Cleaning

Besides, you need to know that there are two basic types of cleaning based on your time:

  • 1. One is to clean on a regular basis after each use. And that is super easy and makes your coffee tasting fresh every single time you use it.
  • 2. And another kind of cleaning named as ‘deep clean’ that you need to do that every two months. The deep clean is vital to keep the machine free from oil & mineral build-up and to keep performing like brand new.

Clean up the brewing base

You need to clean the brewing base, which is a little more difficult. As you cannot immerse it in water, if you need to do so, you would destroy the inside of the electronic components.

For that reason, you’ll want to make sure you factor in the amount of water you use while washing your Ninja.

The best options for cleaning the exterior are warm soapy water. Or you can use a combination of ⅓ white vinegar and ⅔ water.

Both solutions can excrete soil, oils, and other buildups that might have built up on your unit.

To clean the outside, dip a cloth in your preferred cleaning solution. Wring out the cloth and then gently clean the exterior of the machine.

Use a towel to dry the unit or allow it to air dry completely. When it’s dry, you can put back any removable parts removed during cleaning.

Descaling the coffee maker

Most improved Ninja coffee makers have a programmable cleaning cycle. You can use that to descale the appliances.

When you plan to clean a Ninja coffee maker, you’ll want to check if yours has this feature.
If so, it’s an even easier way to clean your device. This is how you do it.

Step 1: Watch the light

When the time comes to perform the cleaning or descaling routine on your Ninja coffee maker. The coffee maker’s red light, below the ‘Clean’ button, will illuminate.

When that button lights up, you know it’s time to run a cleaning cycle ASAP.

You can continue to brew coffee without running a cleaning cycle. But for having an excellent taste of coffee, you clean the system as soon as possible.

Step 2: Fill the water tank

You will need to fill the water tank to the highest filling line. Along with a mixture of water and vinegar or the official Ninja descaling solution.

The descaling solution is usually stronger and will tell you exactly how much to use. Although using white vinegar is also a great alternative.

When using white vinegar, it is best to use a mixture containing one part vinegar to two parts water.

Whichever solution you use, be sure to fill the water tank up to the highest fill line.

Step 3: Define the size of your preparation

Once you have the water in the reservoir, you’ll want to adjust the size of the brew.

Since you’ve filled the tank to the highest fill line, you’ll want to select the larger size.

The largest size of most Ninja coffee makers is the full pitcher size.

During the cleaning process first, ensure the entire tank is empty. Then you should select the larger size.

Step 4: Start the cleaning cycle

To start the cleaning cycle, just press the “Clean” button.

The screen will display the letters “CLN”. After that display, a countdown timer will show how long it will take.

For most Ninja systems, cleaning will take about an hour. But this cleaning process may vary depending on the model you are cleaning.

Step 5: Empty and Rinse

When the cleaning cycle is complete, take the carafe and empty the liquid.

Fill the tank with tap water, then press the Clean button again. This will start the wash cycle and last for about eight minutes.

It is unnecessary to add a descaling solution or vinegar at this stage.

Step 6: Second Download

After the first download is complete, you will want to repeat step 5 to perform another download.

After the second download is complete, the cleaning red light will off.

The build-up cleaning process sanitizes your device along with the vinegar. So you can start enjoying your coffee again.


Now you know all reasonable ways to clean your favorite Ninja coffee maker. You could see how easy it’s far to do thanks to the pre-programmed cleansing period.

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