Many times, when we buy a drip coffee maker, we find a rather unique problem. You will have the plastic taste of the first cups of coffee after preparation.

And it not only happens in the drip but also in all those that have some plastic part in any coffee maker. The reason is the first contact with coffee or hot water.

The chemicals from plastic are dissolving in your coffee. But the problem is that some compounds can be dangerous to health, such as Bisphenol-A, also known as BPA.

Bisphenol-A Free

Bisphenol-A is a chemical using in the production of hard plastics. If you have small children, you’ve probably noticed that bottles and other baby products are labeled “BPA Free.” As a result, looking for coffee makers that are would be interesting.

But probably most of the plastic flavor of the coffee pot is due to the PVC of the tubes inside the coffee machine. Those PVC tubes are of soft plastic to bend to adjust in the coffee maker.

Yes, it possible to remove that plastic taste from our coffee. All you need to repeat a few cleaning cycles in our coffee maker with water and vinegar. But the real problem is still there. It will be still toxic. And it probably does not matter if you drink a little coffee. But if you drink every day, three well-strong coffees, over the years. Then you should pay attention to the consequences.

The vinegar will have removed the plastic taste, but the problem has not gone away.

The only choice that is healthy is to use coffee makers that do not use plastic. Or, at the very least, that the plastics used are not exposed to hot water or coffee.

You should have to discard drip coffee makers and many capsules.

In fact, you should have to stick with the simplest systems such as French or Italian coffee makers.

How to get rid of plastic taste in coffee maker

You will lose the convenience of using more automated coffee machines. But you need to keep the body free of these toxic chemicals.

Eye! You can also opt for little more expensive coffee makers. But their manufacture has been excellent in coffee making machines.

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