Are you fond of, most curious, and especially addicted to getting the best mash from the coffee bean? Then, as its loyal lovers, we are going to share how to grind the coffee bean.

A mill or grinder grinds the coffee beans. Before roasting, often you need to predetermine the sizes of the ensuing particles. On, electric coffee grinder you will get preset functions to ensure sizes of your grinds. All you need is to set and grind as your need.

At the time of roasting, if the fragments are smaller, then the extraction surface will be larger. And it will be more soluble and easier to emulsify them.

How To Grind Coffee

You will need a vacuum machine if the grind is coarse.

If the grind is medium for Mocha or Melitta, you need to use them in piston coffee machines.

Two inverted cones are forming these 2 granulometry within the metal coffee makers.

In this grinder, in the middle, the metal filter has a screw. In its base frame, it has the water section. After having proper heat, the water is boiling. Then the steam generates from the boiled water and reaches for the grinding coffee beans.

If you want to enjoy delicious coffee at home, you need to prepare the grinding coffee beans in a manual process. And that is vital to brewing authentic coffee.

How To Grind Coffee? – Easy Steps!

Prepare a coffee mill and set the beans.

Within a manual coffee mill, keep the rhythm of turning the handle in a constant manner for grinding. And that will make the coffee grain uniform.

If it is too early, it will generate heat. So the trick is to turn it slow and steady.

While you grind the beans need to pay attention to the particle size. According to the way you drink the coffee you want to drink and the coffee maker you use.

For example, if you use it for paper drip or coffee maker, “medium-fine grind” is suitable. And for siphon, “medium grind” is suitable.

Coffee emits the most aroma the moment you crush the beans. So be sure to enjoy the rich aroma of coffee the moment you grind it.

Noted that about 7 to 10 days is the deadline for delicious coffee when it is in powder form. In the state of beans, if you can store them in a proper way. You can enjoy them deliciously for about 30 days.

When you buy coffee beans, store them as beans as much as possible and grind as much as you need when brewing.

Let’s enjoy coffee even more by changing the way of grinding according to your taste!

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