If you decide to grow a tree of coffee at home, you have to know how to grow. The growth of the tree is slow. After germination, the first leaf forces for four months. Then surely they will fall off.

During the first year, stem trunks grow to 15-20 cm. By nine months of age appear skeletal branches, a crown, a plant begins grenade. Don’t rush on circumcision so that you wouldn’t harm than good. Although if side shoots become very long, they’re slightly trimmed.

how to grow coffee

The branches are at right angles in relation to the trunk. So the treetop of a fragrant tree coffee is a little bit like a fish bone. In the following years of cultivation, it is necessary to shape the basket by pruning.

For reproduction of coffee using the semen procedure or cuttings. Both methods are effective, but breeding cuttings. Especially for beginners, are more accurate and don’t need a lot of time. For reproduction using green cuttings grown trees coffee.

Preparing to cut

After you cut the stalk off from branch last year in the middle of the canopy. You should have at least 4 lists. Such research has Popov’s note, so a new plant has faster branches and early blooms.

For cutting, use a sharp knife with the previously disinfected blade. You should cut twig 3 cm below the list. Now take a needle and scratched stem vertically under the bottom two lists. So you better-shaped roots system

After that, vertebrates have to put in any solution to improve the creation of the roots.

Experienced growers soak the cuttings:

  • in a solution of one spoon of honey and a cup of water;
  • in a solution of hetero auxin, strictly according to the recipe.

Whatever you choose the composition, soak only the part after scratching. You should hold cuttings only in the upright position.

Soil composition

To plant the cuttings, it is necessary to prepare the open soil where water and air pass easily. Take the chips from the marshy peat and apply them in equal proportions. That can destroy harmful plants, small manganese with a bright pink color.

Features cuttings for planting

The fruits of planting in the ground go to the first row, not deeper than 2-3 inches. To make the weed full of corruption a success, at the top of the container pull out a plastic bag made of wood. Because of the holes it will come by naturally ventilating, and with it, you can irrigate. You should set the window in the window for fresh air.

For complete weed control to be effective, it is necessary to maintain a temperature of at least 25 degrees. High temperature and humidity are the required cuts. But temperatures above 30 degrees kill the roots.

After planting, cutting the water and the first 14 days closely follow the growth of plants. You should carry out the next watering as needed. You can understand that cutting began at the beginning of the growth of the upper buds. Seedlings are ready for transplant after outgrowth of a new pair of leaves.

If all goes well and the wood coffee doesn’t alert, we set up a permanent pot with a plant. If after some time the cutting form peduncle, then cutting performed without errors.


The advantages of breeding cutting:

  • Full preserve the properties of the wood espresso;
  • flowering begins in the first year after rooting;
  • Got berries espresso in one year.

How to grow coffee from the seeds on the windowsill

How to choose and where to buy seeds coffee

If you decide to grow a tree of espresso at home, you need to buy quality seeds.

  • Here are some shades:
    Sowing material, these plants can’t be long, because aroma quickly loses. 30 days after removing the beans from the tree, half of the seeds can be able to grow. And after another 15 days, only 10 to 15% of the seeds shoot.
  • The seeds of the espresso have to be in the red (not green) oatmeal how could grain survive.
  • Seed espresso Arabica, you must germinate until she shows up the first pair of true leaves.
  • It is desirable to buy the seeds in specialized stores or on the Internet. The date of the collection must be on the label, at the latest up to 1.5 months.
  • The seeds you can buy at the breeder’s espresso. In this case, you can harvest the mature berries.

Now figure out how to grow a tree of espresso at home. There are lots of shades that you need to pay attention.

The seeds of the espresso that they sell in the store it is dry and there is no pulp. It does not list the package when harvested, when packed. Often, for negligence sellers, buyers get the seed that is up, whose aroma is practically zero.

Preparation of grain

All seeds of espresso, whether fresh or dry, you must prepare it especially. But even if they were the seeds of the trees, espresso in the store was fresh. With them, before planting, need to perform the following manipulations:

  • Given that they are seeds of espresso hard seedlings, especially sacrificed. The essence of this manipulation is the mechanical breaking of the shell of the seed. You can scrape with a knife or nuzzle the pliers. If it’s not done, the seeds will lie until the shell doesn’t go to waste naturally.
  • Then pigment layer removes or is a clarification on how would race germinate. Business would be more successful, seedlings it soaks two hours hot water.
  • It must process the seeds in the stimulants of growth. For example in Epine, Zircon, or some other preparation. Soaks 8 hours. If there are no special products, we will use the pink solution of soda manganese or aloe. Time soaking is the same.
  • Some breeders recommend that the treatment of seeds of coffee hydrogen-peroxide before planting. First, prepare a 3% solution in which the seeds hold 10 minutes. Then inoculate one day to put in a solution of lower concentration (1 or 0.5%).

How germinate seeds coffee

Good seedlings can emerge only from quality seeds. And their color, regardless of type, needs to be white or milky white. Grains of brown, green color is suitable for planting, as she damaged illness or old, with traces of mold. Such seeding I don’t even glue. The seed is immersing and losing the soil to a depth of 1.5-2 cm. You can cover the container, preferring plastic foil or a glass jar to create a greenhouse effect.

When it comes to scion, has to adjust to the temperature of the apartment, but it must be gradually working. We recommend it to remove the film or jars a few times a day for 1-2 minutes. The protective shelter finally removes only when wood espresso grows.

Germinate seeds are very interesting in their procedure. That differs from any other plant. First comes a spine, and then the seeds show above the surface of the earth. If the seed is quality and healthy, then the root is strong. Shell seed long doesn’t waste. Tightly cover the first few cotyledon or pseudo-leaves.

Sometimes one seed gives two roots, from which later grow two plants, such as twin – brothers. This is not a pathology, but a common occurrence or tree espresso. About the germs have to worry in the same way as for other plants.

Difficulty occurs only during harvest. Keep this process in advance, before the roots have time to assemble. You need to work carefully so as not to damage the root system of each plant.

Beginners growers want to know is it necessary to independently remove cotyledon. Or wait for it to happen naturally. In any case, you shouldn’t encroach on the nature of the tree’s coffee. cotyledon will fall. If you attempt to remove, you can damage the leaves. The plants from which they were forcibly removed cotyledons are lagging in development.

Preconditions for the cultivation of coffee Arabica

That wood coffee Arabica grown in an apartment successfully developed itself. And bringing the fruits created him pleasant conditions. Execution of the following activities is crucial for getting healthy plants:

  • exact location;
  • Keeping the humidity and temperature of the air at a constant level;
  • the selection of a container and soil;
  • lighting;
  • watering;
  • supplementation;
  • protection from pests and diseases.

Questions of cultivation we understand in more detail.


For tree espresso, it’s best to choose a warm room, whose windows face south. As a rule, is an exotic plant growing on the windowsill, even though the cappuccino good work on the carrier. That will be near the window. The principal thing is to provide a diffuse light. With that, wood espresso needs a good circulation of air, but the draft is detrimental to the plant.

The moisture and temperature

Since the plants espresso home hot and damp places, they regularly spray. When they’re growing the trees at home. We only used precipitated warm water. You should bear it in mind, and dry and fed-up air negatively affects tree coffee. And development slows down.

In the winter time, the air temperature for the successful growth of coffee. That should be up to +18 degrees, and in summer up to +22.

In a room in which a young plant, the temperature of the air must not be lower than +12 degrees. That leads to problems with the root system. Mature trees coffee can grow in winter and up to +10 degrees. But for that, plants have enough light and rarely water.


Lighting for normal development should be ok. Otherwise, the coffee will grow slower and the beginning of the fruit will delay.

As stated, the plants love the south window sill. Although the trees of coffee, I can’t call it small, young plants still need a little obscurity. How the sun would never burn the leaves! It’s easy to upstage the tree of coffee. It is enough to attach the plain paper to the window of Scotland tape. With how the light was another broadcasting!

But adult plants need plenty of sunlight to create full-fledged ovaries. When the buds appear in the bloom, trees are coffee shaded. For example, in Brazil, the plants grow among the trees to further ensure updated lighting.


For the cultivation of coffee, select the airtight loss on the ground. Through which, the moisture well penetrates. A deep pot must make a drainage layer.

There are two kinds of composition in the soil suitable for growing trees coffee:

  • on one part of the leaves, add two parts river sand with rough factions and two sifted peat;
  • equal parts of leaves, hummus, grains, sand, and two parts peat.

Received compound nutrients must add crushed my sphagnum. Not only provides the acidity in the soil, keeps moisture but also from the land hardens.

Graft tree coffee

Growing tree espresso on the windowsill, growers of flowers dream to bloom as early as possible. The excellent growth of espresso and the abundance of blooming make it possible. That will transfer the plant into a larger pot annually.

Mind that the root goes deep into the soil, so choose a deep, but narrow pot. During the transplant, the new vessel should be five inches bigger than the previous. Annual transplant allows you to blossom espresso 4 years after planting the seeds. Mind that wood espresso grows in small containers, but can’t wait for flowering from him.

Before every transplant, be sure to add the new ground… But he has to indulge up to the removal requirements of the soil. At the bottom is a set drainage layer. To ensure wood espresso nutrients, add fertilizers to the soil before planting. You can mineralize compounds or stable manure. Since espresso needs me most phosphorus, use bone flour or chips horn as a compliment. 200 grams is enough for 10 pounds of the country.

The plant removes from the old bowl and carefully examines the roots system. If there is damage or signs of dry rot, you must cut these parts of the roots off. Place the plant in the container, the root system is correct, and sprinkle the earth. Then overflow warm, precipitated water.

Grow wood espresso on the windowsill in the apartment. According to a gardener, it’s not too pretentious and careful. But some features of the technology still need to respect.

Consider how to properly care for a cup of joe at home:

  1. Selected south window threshold for permanent accommodation. That will distribute diffuse lighting. So that the sun’s rays don’t actually damage the leaves of the tree’s espresso.
  2. It is necessary to grow a tree of espresso at a temperature of air from 25 to 27 degrees. These are the most optimal conditions.
  3. Besides, you must watch the temperature substrate in which the espresso grows. In a bowl is a special built-in thermometer. If the bar raises the partition to +31 degrees, it can be dangerous for the plant. An urgent need for the downgrade of temperature. For that espresso, water disperses, and the water flows on a tray next to the tree.
  4. Water the tree only when needed, ie. when the top layer of the soil dries. It is clear that in the summer period, cappuccino irrigates more often. But in the winter it is enough once a week.
  5. Do watering exotic plants as the country in planter sushi. For irrigation, use clean warm water. In urban conditions, the water must defend to get rid of chlorine, which is harmful to plants.
  6. Exotic plants, unlike other lap flowers. Practically do not get sick and don’t affect pests. Wood coffee usually gets sick when you violate the rules of irrigation. Too wet soil can cause rotting the roots. If You can’t avoid the problem, you need to stop watering and wait until the earth dries up. Then plant transplant, after the removal of the sick and damaged roots.

Pests on coffee are also rare guests. But if they picked the leaves of the plant, then they need to destroy with the help of special funds – insecticide.

Final Verdict

As you can see, growing trees coffee at home is not so hard if for breeding use cuttings or a high-quality seed. Subject to agricultural technology, an exotic plant will stand in the window or on the carrier. It will be delightful for eyes, redness berries of coffee.

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