We will give you an effective way to get rid of cockroaches in a coffee machine.

Cockroaches are afraid of freezing temperatures. At a temperature of 10 degrees, not only adults, nymphs, but also their eggs die. In the service center, besides to the cleaning process, they use the method of freezing the device.

If you want to save money or are unable to pay them, then apply the freezing method yourself.How to keep roaches out of coffee maker

To make correct apply of this method; you need to free the device from water. The water you need to make clear from not only the bunker, but also the water path.



  1. Switch on the coffee machine.
  2. Open the steam valve.
  3. Remove the water container.
  4. Do not close the valve until all the water has escaped.
  5. After there is no moisture in the device, wrap the device in cellophane, seal it and tie it.
  6. Put it on a frost -10 degrees.

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