A quick and instant black coffee recipe tastes super fresh and easy to make. In just one step you have a delicious coffee ready for those winter days.

Ingredients For Making Black Coffee:

  • 1 Cup of waterHow to make black coffee
  • ½ Teaspoon instant coffee
  • 1 Brown sugar

Steps 1: GRINDING – Need 1 min

  • In an electric or manual grinder, grind the coffee beans halfway (not too coarse, not too fine).

Steps 2: PREPARATION – Need 5 min

  • Pour water into the coffee pot, bring it to a boil.
  • Remove the coffee pot from the heat, add the ground coffee, stir gently with a spoon until frothy, and put on low heat.
  • As soon as the head of the foam rises, remove the coffee pot from the heat. Then pour in 1 teaspoon of cold water, and immediately pour the coffee into cups.


  • It is ready to serve.

Coffee should not carry more than that: coffee.

An advice? If you like coffee, don’t make instant coffee. It will not be natural, rich, and it will not give you excellent coffee.

Therefore, a super classic and simple recipe is to make an Italian-style coffee at home. Let’s recover the sensitivity to the taste of nature and the art of enjoying the moment.


You will need a Hamilton mocha coffee maker; they are very easy to use. I recommend a small size to make an individual coffee, or a colossal size for family preparation.

The ancient Arabs said: “Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love.” And connoisseurs of real black coffee all over the world agree with them. Black coffee is a drink, conquering the hearts of millions of people with its incomparable taste and deep aroma.

Almost every nation, nowadays, has its own unique recipe for making coffee. Every taste of coffee in different countries convinces everyone the way they are preparing their real coffee.

Black coffee is at the heart of a huge variety of cocktails and coffee drinks. But there are several classic black coffee recipes that can be found all over the world today.

Espresso is a black coffee that is prepared under high pressure. As evidenced by its name, Black Coffee translates from Italian as “squeezed”. Espresso needs to be drunk quickly, as this coffee loses all its richness as it cools. This espresso is strong, syrupy, and thick, with dense foam and a great aroma.

Americano is an espresso mixed with boiling water. During World War II, American soldiers, accustomed to regular coffee. They want it from a filter coffee machine. They asked Italian bartenders to brew an espresso that they thought was too strong. Today, this type of coffee is preferable for the fans of a healthy lifestyle on all continents. After all, Americano has a lower concentration of caffeine.

Turkish coffee is a legendary drink of the Ottoman Empire. It occupies an honorable place in the treasury of world coffee culture.

The taste of Turkish coffee can be incredibly varied. Besides, it is always strong, thick, and aromatic. Special thanks belong to its preparation technology. The peculiarity of this coffee is that mainly for the traditional recipe. It plays an important role in its preparation. Its legends are for its special dishes, special grinding quality, and even serving.


People might get often confused between Arabic coffees with Turkish coffee. Besides, there are many differences found in making this coffee preparation method. According to tradition, you need to Arabic coffee a boil three times, and make sure to add spices. The very process of brewing coffee in Arabic is a real ceremony, beautiful and mysterious. The process looks like the desert itself.

Historically, it needs to brew Arabic coffee slowly on hot sand. If the longer the process takes the brighter and richer, the taste and aroma of this enchanting drink.

Many people do not distinguish regular coffee (Regular) from Americano coffee. Yet, unlike the latter, Regular is the most popular coffee in North America. You can prepare it in a filter coffee maker. With this method of preparation, boiling water needs to pass through the coffee, in a special filter. And, as a result, a not very strong, but brews tasty and aromatic drink.

The weather, the gastronomic tradition, the palate, the type and influence of the roasters in the area, the type of coffee bean imported by these coffee industrialists, the quality/price sensitivity of the roasters, the hoteliers and consumers, advertising campaigns etc. are some of the many variants that directly influence the type of coffee we drink.

Colombia is a coffee-growing country and is the place where the best coffee in the world is grown. This gives us the opportunity to enjoy an excellent drink. For this reason, today we invite you to recover this coffee tradition, to value our coffee, and learn how to prepare it.Turkish coffee


  1. Instant coffee is NOT used to make “red” or black coffee. Instant coffee is excellent for making desserts, or coffee-based drinks like milkshakes. But that is not the real taste for coffee.
  2. Buy 100% Colombian ground or seed coffee. These are already easily available in Colombia. You can buy it in our online store Hacienda Ceylán. When we buy the coffee in seeds, we have the possibility to check its quality, roast of the seed, and size.
  3. Grind the coffee in an electric coffee grinder at home. This is ideal to keep the coffee fresh. Because the coffee beans retain their characteristics for longer than previously ground coffee. Very good and inexpensive Cuisinart coffee mills are already available in Colombia. You can see some here. The ideal is to grind the coffee at the time of preparing the drink. But if your daily routine does not have the time, you can grind coffee for 2 or 3 days and store it in an airtight container.! The aroma that freshly ground coffee generates is incredible!
  4. Store coffee well: Coffee is like a “sponge” of smells. Coffee absorbs all the odors that are next to it. Because of this, we must store it in thick and tightly closed packages. The high-quality bags in which our coffee comes are ideal because they are thick. Make sure you do not let light through, do not let in odors. And its degassing valve allows the natural gases generated by fresh coffee to escape.
  5. Use the right amount of coffee. Using too little coffee does not allow us to enjoy the ideal flavor of the drink. On average, you should use between 6 and 8 grams of coffee for every 4 oz of water (a small cup).
  6. Use fresh and clean water for preparation. It can be tap water, the important thing is that it is drinkable and tastes good.
  7. Use different types of coffee makers. The flavors of a coffee also depend on the coffee maker we use. There are many coffee makers and of many prices. I recommend two types of coffee makers for your daily preparation. Those are easy to find and inexpensive.
    1. Cuisinart 4-Cup Coffeemaker Electric drip coffeemakers use permanent or paper filters.
    2. Piston coffee machines also called French Press: Bodum Brazil Coffee Machine. This coffee machine does not require electricity or filters. it only needs boiling water for its preparation. The coffee is delicious and is made very quickly. You can find them in our store.
  8. Do not add sugar to the coffee. Coffee without sugar allows us to perceive all its flavors. Without the sweet covering them up, it tastes the raw flavor. Adding sugar to coffee is like adding sugar to red wine.
  9. If there is a little coffee left over from the preparation, we can store it in a thermos. That will keep the heat to consume a few hours later. It is not good to leave the coffee overheating on the stove of the coffee maker because it changes its flavor. If it comes out cold from the thermos. Then the ideal is to heat it a little, in a container, or in the microwave for only 30 seconds. I did not make coffee to keep it stored for over 6 hours.
  10. Sit down and enjoy your coffee!

Our grandparents teach us these 10 secret lessons. They must be in our genes, and it must be easy for us to recover them and learn from our Coffee Culture.

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