The most traditional methods of making coffee are in a coffee machine. But not always the necessary utensils or equipment are at hand. If you don’t have a coffee maker near you, this should not be a reason to refuse a natural drink or replace it with a soluble one. There are several ways to brew ground coffee without a Turk. First, you can use the kitchen utensils that every homemaker can find.


How to make coffee without a coffee maker – DIY methods to try at home!


On the stove (in the pan)

Any enamel cookware is suitable for brewing coffee. Choose a small container with high sides – a saucepan or a spoon. The taste of the drink will be better if you use bottled or spring water.

How to make coffee without a coffee maker


# The procedure is almost the same as for preparing a drink in the coffee machine:
# Heat the dishes slightly on the stove.
# Add ground coffee at the rate of 1-2 teaspoons per 150 ml of water.
# Add sugar to taste.
# Cover with cool water.
# Put on low heat, stir in a minute with a spoon on a long handle.
# Wait until the foam starts to rise.
# Remove from the stove and stand for 1-2 minutes.

You can use the double boil method to improve the flavor. To do this, you can pour the ground coffee into the bottom of a saucepan and heat it on the stove. Then add water and cook until tender. Leave it on for a few minutes and boil it again. Remove from heat and pour into warm cups.

In a ceramic cup

To get a rich and aromatic drink, you need to choose a cup with thick walls that keep the heat long. Unfortunately, popular glass-ceramics are not suitable for this purpose.


You must first heat the dishes over the fire or put them in the microwave for a few seconds. Never boiled fresh water will give the best taste.

The finer the grounded grains are, the better the drink will brew. Depending on the desired strength, you can place 1-2 teaspoons of coffee at the bottom of a heated cup. Hot water, brought to a temperature of 96 ° C, needs pouring into a thin stream in a circle. Then put sugar on top, trying to disperse it over the surface.

Crystals will contribute to the sedimentation of the thick to the bottom. You can cover the cup with a lid or regular saucer and left for 5 minutes.

If done correctly, after stirring, the solids will move downward, and foam will form on top. Many manufacturers produce superfine grades specifically designed for cup brewing.

You may use a drip coffee maker’s paper filter to filter the ground beans. Please put them in a cup, pour boiling water over them, and insist as usual. You can make a drink without coffee grounds using this process.

In the hot season, the cold method is suitable for preparing coffee. You can pour the ground beans with water at 10 g of coffee powder per 100 ml of liquid and infused for 10-12 hours.

In the microwave

You can brew coffee without a Turk in the microwave. However, you can use the method successfully in offices. The reasons are, you will not find the facility of a full-fledged coffee maker just like your personal kitchen.


# First, you need to preheat the cup for 10 seconds.
# Then pour two teaspoons of ground grains onto the bottom of the cup.
# Plus, add 150 ml of water and
# Put the cup into the microwave and
# Heat it for 1-1.5 minutes.

The exact time will depend on the power of the device. It is better to shorten the holding time in the first stage so that the drink does not overheat. This coffee will taste like espresso.

In the French press

A full-fledged alternative to a Turk and a coffee maker is a French press. The device, patented in 1929, is a glass flask and a piston that presses the coffee grounds and holds it at the bottom.

For a French press, coffee of medium and even coarse grinding is suitable. But small particles are less well kept by the filter. The common volume of the flask is 250 ml. This amount of water will require three teaspoons of coffee powder. Before use, the device must rinse properly and need dry thoroughly. As if you store it unopened, the French press may gain an unpleasant odor from stagnant air.

You need to boil the water in advance and cooled slightly. The recommended temperature is 90–95 ° С. Before pouring coffee, it is advisable to warm up the flask. You should pour the water slowly, filling the French press in half. Then you can stir the drink and left to infuse for one minute. After which, you can add the remaining amount of water. Cooking time will be up to four minutes. Then you push to lower the piston at the bottom, pressing the thick.

For a flavorful drink, you can pick freshly ground grains. You should pour the coffee immediately into cups. Otherwise, the taste can become bitter for its delayed exposure.

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