Every day France Bleu Isère accompanies those who make the economy in the department. Today, focus on the “start-up” mayonnaise “Piccolo” that comes from creating a coffee. That you can prepare without water, “a coffee” pocket. The team is now seeking opportunities in large-scale distribution.

How to make coffee without water – how it works?

How to make coffee without water

Well, it is simple; it is the first coffee in the world consumed without water, no kettle, no coffee maker. They ground to 1/20th of a micron, four grains of coffee. That they put in a small stick plastic that you can carry with you wherever you want. It fits in a pocket, in a purse, anywhere. Simply open the pouch, pour in the mouth the coffee very end. After that, let it melt for a few seconds, and you can taste in the mouth all the flavors of espresso.

It is saliva that acts like water. When you drink a traditional coffee, you drink approximately 98% of water. With Piccolo, you have the essence of coffee from ground beans to the smallest possible.

That is what it looks like in terms of flavor?

It was a grind that is between Robusta and Arabica 50% each. Which is neither more nor less than coffee beans, ground very fine, so this is a proper coffee. But it is actually an innovation “breakdown”. We forget the cup, vapors, odors.

The audience is aiming at!

All people who wish to make a coffee shop in a place where this is not possible. Because you are not at home, not in a bar, not in a restaurant when you don’t have water on you if you are, for example, in the process of skiing, hiking, or that you are on the subway or in a train… In short, in all circumstances, you can take a coffee without constraint. It is enough to have in the pocket the little stick.

Piccolo®: the coffee bag “Made in Italy” to be consumed without water and without moderation

Italy, it is the joy of living, friendliness, generosity, laughter, pasta… and this coffee inimitable, which has a delicious taste of “la dolce vita”. He drinks quietly installed on the terrace of a café sunny. Or that sublimates the good meal that we share.

Some businesses are attempting to put the famed Italian espresso in a capsule. This Italian espresso is famous for its particular flavor all over the world. The French love so the coffee that they drink more than the Italians! 72% of our countrymen love to taste at least once per day.

Except in actuality, it isn’t always doable. Many people would like to offer you a good little Italian coffee but can’t: the adventurers, athletes, and professionals of the risk, the astronauts, the holidaymakers who have a long journey to do so, individuals caught in the traffic jams, the gamers, the brokers, to the students during an examination, the journalists, reporters, and columnists who devote endless time to gather information and then write articles or publish news stories, the professionals of the road…

In short, all those who have no coffee machine, no water, no heat source nearby.

In this environment, Piccolo®, a new coffee brand from France, is reinventing the market. This is a trademarked and patent-protected invention. This is the world’s first and only café pocket that you can enjoy whenever and wherever you want!

Because you can enjoy Piccolo® without water! Simply melt it in your tongue for 5 seconds to rediscover all the rich flavors of a great “Made in Italy” coffee.

In a famous advertising spot for coffee, George Clooney asked, “What else?”. The answer is simple: Piccolo®, of course!

A pure moment of escape “Made in Italy”, you can enjoy in all situations!

Piccolo® is, above all, a genuine Italian coffee.

Handmade and 100% pure, it results from a mix between:

  1. Arabica to taste buttery, and delicate, and 
  2. the Robusta, both powerful and full-bodied.

You will like its powerful or sweet flavor, which displays a subtle scent in the mouth. Along with the chocolate, that aroma will remind you of dried hazelnut fruits. It has a perfect mix of fineness and a long finish that gives it a unique flavor. Better: it offers a moment of escape. For a few moments, everyone will experience the typical Italian peninsula vibe. That vibe harkens back to the art of life rocking in the sun, sea, and lightness. 

One detail: there is more need for water, heat source, or even coffee machine to enjoy it!

Innovation is easy to live with

In extreme situations, such as in the life of every day, Piccolo® stands out in its simplicity of use.

Also, it’s so small, lightweight, and quiet as a postage stamp. It fits anywhere you take without noticing.

Richard Bertoni, the founder, says:

Regardless of whether you are in the middle of nowhere or overwhelmed by the crowd. Piccolo® is the coffee of pocket, which is drunk “everywhere and all the time.”

  • And its use is very simple as you just need:
  • Open the bag;
  • Pour it into the mouth;
  • Let it melt on the tongue for 5 seconds;
  • And enjoy the best Italian coffee!

The pleasure of the little Italian coffee is finally accessible to all.

Why create a coffee pocket without water? Because many people, both professionals and private, could drink a great cup of coffee. Even if it is impossible for them to do so during working hours.

First, people are in harsh situations or in remote areas where water or energy is not available:

the military that is in areas of conflict;

  • the at-risk trades: firefighters, police officers, night watchmen, doctors, emergency physicians, astronauts…;
  • journalists, reporters waiting for hours that the event occurs or ends…
  • the adventurers: it’s hard to imagine Mike Horn from the expedition with everything. He needs to make a coffee;
  • sports: triathletes, marathoners, cyclists… and all those who practice endurance sports and mountain sports.

There are also (and especially!) those who must forego the joy of coffee even in ordinary life because:

  • the coffee machine broke down or malfunctions;
  • crowded bar;
  • the traffic jams are endless and can not stop. Like, highway, device-to-peak hours, periods of strikes…;
  • they forbid you to leave the room during an exam or a contest of selection;
  • or because you are in a hurry, and you don’t have time to stop.

Finally, there are all these moments where the coffee is a valuable boost. So you are awake. That offers you a moment of well-being:

  • for the professionals of the road (truck drivers, taxis, commercial,…);
  • For vacationers who dream of a coffee break. But who do not have the time to stop in because of the time and the distance yet to travel;
  • For managers, lawyers, businessmen, and women who will enjoy this coffee. Even for politicians, who often have to attend debates, or to endless negotiations. That negotiations or debates may go on all night;
  • For gamers, poker players, traders, brokers, and all other professionals. Who may not stop despite the fatigue;
  • For everyone who works in a difficult atmosphere. They need a moment of cocooning to recharge their batteries. So they are discovering all the Italian dolce vita.

Coffee without water on milk

To soften the taste of coffee, just add a little milk. But to make the drink more delicious and flavorful, you should brew coffee without water directly on milk.

Coffee is a divine drink, but it contains a lot of tannins, which give bitterness. Thus, according to statistics, most people drink coffee with added milk, such as cappuccino, latte, Americano, or instant coffee. Drinks soften the taste and natural bitterness of invigorating coffee. As you will find, milk neutralizes its negative impact on the body. Unlike coffee, this drink has almost no contraindications. It reduces the number of coffee consumption. For this reason, it does not increase blood pressure. Because milk interferes with caffeine has an invigilating effect. At the same time, in this form, the drink does not help to speed up the metabolism. Thus, coffee with milk will not help you lose weight. This should be borne in mind, as coffee with milk is more addictive than black coffee.

Usually, when preparing such a drink, you should add milk to pre-brewed coffee. But true coffee gourmets immediately brew it with milk. This drink has a softer and more enveloping taste with a nutty color. You can prepare it quickly and easily! It is especially delicious when chilled. Or you can fantasize and add a little spice.

  • Calories per 100 g — 125 kcal.
  • Number of servings-1
  • Cooking time — 5 minutes


  • Ground custard coffee — 1 tsp.
  • Sugar — 1 tsp. or to taste
  • Milk — 100 ml

Step-by-step preparation of coffee without water on milk:

  1. Pour the milk into the Turki and bring to a boil. Remove the turkey from the stove and add sugar if desired and to taste. The volume of Turki should be twice as large as that of milk. Because when the milk boils, a lot of foam will form, which rises up. 
  2. Add brewed ground coffee to the Turk with milk, but do not stir it. Otherwise, the coffee will immediately settle to the bottom, from which it will not open and will not give all its properties. For brewed coffee, it is best to grind the grains immediately before cooking. With these, the drink turns out to be more flavorful and delicious.
  3. Put the Turki on the stove and turn it on medium heat.
  4. Bring it to a boil. As soon as you see a white cap that quickly rises up, immediately remove the Turk from the fire.
  5. Leave it on for 1 minute to let the foam settle and repeat the boiling process.
  6. Remove the Turk from the heat, leave the coffee brewed without water on the milk for 1-2 minutes so that the coffee beans settle to the bottom, and pour the drink into a serving cup. To avoid excessive sediment, pour it through a fine sieve or cheesecloth.

Final Verdict

Coffee, like every drink, has its own secrets and characteristics. We’ve already discussed how to make coffee without using water.

Enjoy the most delicious, memorable, and extraordinary coffee with CoffeeAli’s! We are ready to offer you even more unique blends and tell you even more secrets, stories, and secrets!

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