Beverages based on coffee beans are freshly ground; you can prepare both hot and cold. You can also combine with milk, cream, flavorings, or sweeteners added. Continue reading to learn how to brew cold espresso using French Press.

How to make cold brew coffee french press

Cold season cappuccino making requires soaking coffee grinds in water for 12 to 24 hours. 
You can mix the diluted concentration with other substances, such as chocolate.
The Kyoto protocol calls for letting the java grinds soak in room temperature water for several hours.
In eastern Asia, this java drip slow is famous as coffee Dutch.

The Japanese developed and commercialized chilled brew java. Even in the sweltering summer heat, this drink revitalizes the body. Of course, you can prepare a cool-brewed cappuccino at home, but you don’t need to visit a cafe to drink a healthy drink.

How to make cold brew coffee french press

Cooking secrets

Chilled-brew belongs to the category of popular java-brew drinks. Chilled java-brew is preferably drunk in the heat to increase tone and provide energy. Iced java gained popularity in the 60s of the last century. Then, for the first time on the shelves, it appeared in bottled form.

People did not know the secrets of its preparation in past years to the population. Businessman Wu Tadao offered the Japanese a cold, refreshing drink in 1969. His coffee corporation had to spend a lot of money. They advertise iced java-brew before it won worldwide love.  

The big difference

The main difference between cold coffee and hot coffee:

Cold is that the grains of coffee never comes in contact with the hot water.

There is a minor chemical profile change as a consequence of leaching from grains. This is an unusual way of preparing java.

Cappuccino grains contain caffeine, fatty acids, and lipids. Those are only soluble at extremely high temperatures. Thus, cold preparations contain less caffeine and are beneficial for acidity issues.

It is approximately 60-70% less acid than the express conventional or coffee drip. But, for those who would like to have a java-brew stronger. You can always increase the relationship between cappuccino & water according to their needs.

This may compensate for the lower content of caffeine in the cappuccino prepared with ice.

Making java chilled in a French press is very like the make coffee hot. There are three key differences between these processes:

  1. The brewing of java requires much more time for preparing cold 12 hours at least. 

  2. The water used for preparing cold is at room temperature instead of hot water. 

  3. The relationship between coffee: water is much higher between 7: 1. 

According to experiments, the java chilled tastes best when you will brew it with a French press. Thus, it is unnecessary to buy a new cafeteria to do it. Instead, you can use the same French Press for preparing coffee, hot and cold. Here is a quick guide to making a cappuccino chilled with your French Press. 

How to make coffee cold step-by-step!

Choice of grains of cappuccino:

Take 2-3 cups of grains of coffee and grind. The fresh coffee ground has a taste, aroma, and overall experience. That highlighting experience will thrill you much better than using the cappuccino grounds.

The difference is so obvious that even the drinkers of cappuccino do not usually can differentiate it. You come to know the importance of freshly ground java. So, choose whole grains instead of crushed grains you used before.

If you do not have the budget to buy grinder burrs, you can grind them with any grinder economy

Coarse grinding:

It would be best to ground the java evenly with pieces big enough to not pass through the mesh filter. But, the ground should not be too large for you to miss the aroma and the wonder of the java.

You must realize that the finer the grind, the stronger the java. So if you’re a lover of java strong, adjust the mesh and the size of the milled result. 

Add water and stir:

Put the ground in a French Press and 3 cups of room temperature water. Just make sure that the relationship coffee: water is at least 7: 1 if not more.

All parties should spread the water uniformly. Then, there is no java ground without touching; please give it a good stir to completely submerge the java in water. The ingredients are all fragrant substances that are also pleasant to draw. 

We recommend it to use chopsticks in place of a metal spoon to remove. This is because the metal can create micro-cracks in the flask of the French Press and can even break it completely.

Also, avoid letting the French press filter touch the tea during steeping. A cool infusion may induce taste loss.  

The process of making Cold Brew (Cold Brew)

Preparing a drink does not need special skills and culinary knowledge. For example, the optimal ratio of raw coffee and water is 1: 5, but you can also take ingredients in the ratio of 1:4. Take 190 g of coarse raw materials.

  • Pour the raw cappuccino into the glass press;

  • Gradually add water to the cappuccino mass. Mix thoroughly with a spoon. Leave the mass for 12 hours for cold brewing on the table in the kitchen. 

  • Over a long period, the cappuccino will reach the desired flavor and consistency. You will need to saturate the drink with all the oils and useful substances that give the grains. Do not drain the drink before the required amount of time has passed. Be patient; otherwise, you’ll end up with cappuccino water instead of Cold Brew.

  • After 12 hours, nuzzle the press plunger down a few centimeters initially. So you will prepare the product for further action. Do not lower the press plunger completely. Otherwise, you can release the desired cappuccino bitterness.

  • Next, use a filter to transfuse chilled Brew. They can serve as a gauze folded several times or a small strainer. We do not recommend drinking unfiltered cappuccino, as the drink is very thick, rich, and concentrated.

  • The resulting drink has a pleasantly mild taste, has a natural coffee aroma and sweetness. The secret of chilled Brew is cooling with water or ice. Cold infusion coffee beans saturate the water with all their components and oils.

  • To dilute the cappuccino, add a couple of ice cubes before drinking. Cold Brew perfectly refreshes the body and increases its tone on hot summer days. The drink brings you back to life when the body becomes sluggish and weak from the summer heat.

  • Now sit back, relax and enjoy your delicious cappuccino. 

  • That’s it! Your delicious cappuccino cold made in your French Press is ready to serve. After brewing, don’t forget to clean your French Press, or you will lose the flavor in your next cup of cappuccino!

Final Verdict

Now you can try cold Brew not only in a cafe or restaurant but also at home. The drink is very easy to prepare; there are no special secrets in this process. Ready-made coffee is no different from the previous concentrate.

To make your drink fragrant and refreshing, buy good coffee beans. For cooking, use a device such as a French press.

Now that your refreshing drink is ready sit in the sun and let it shine!

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