In many TikTok clips, they served coffee with a light coating of whipped cream.

You may not tell the difference between dalgona and ordinary espresso at a Korean cafe.

But you can tell that at home.

While whipped cappuccino recipes are popular, they nearly invariably call for instant coffee. So naturally, there are a lot of java fans who hate this. 

Could you brew without instant cappuccino?

There are a few guidelines to adhere to, so the answer is yes.

Discover how simply to create creamed espresso without instant coffee.

Surprised is certain. 

How to make dalgona coffee at home without instant coffee – How to Make Whipped Coffee Without Instant Coffee

How to make dalgona coffee at home without instant coffee

1. Place a java-brew (or your home grinder coffee powder) and sugar in a bowl and mix them together. Make a cup of hot cappuccino, and then add in white sugar. Blend the contents well.

2. Stir vigorously until light and airy. Using a hand mixer or a stand mixer, slowly mix the java-brew and sugar until thick and fluffy.

Patience is a virtue! Please wait a few minutes for this to finish. When you whip the mixture, it should form soft peaks that have a meringue-like texture. As a general rule, we believe this takes around 5-8 minutes.

3. Put the milk in the glass. Use the tall glass to pour your cold milk. Transparent glasses allow you to view the lovely beverage you’re drinking.

4. Use a whisk to thoroughly incorporate the dalgona mixture into the batter. Place a layer of java-brew and sugar meringue on top of the milk. It’s finished! Because it’s whipped cappuccino, you’ll want to savor the unique drink now. The dalgona cappuccino won’t keep forever.

A few brewing techniques

It’s made using hot water and instant mocha. Whisking this with sugar is creating the texture. Yet, strong and black espresso work just as well. The key is to use equal quantities of cappuccino and sugar. You may use a java-brewed beverage as a substitute. That will allow you to make a cup of instant java combined with hot water. “Homemade espresso foam with fresh flavors.”

Cuban ‘cortadito’ is as similar or the same as a small drink. Espuma is a Latin word that means “foam,”. Plus, you can make it by combining cappuccino with sugar and whipping it into a delightful froth. Dalgonas extend the idea and the use of foam far beyond the specified height. 

Why are you giving me milk that is so cold?

You can typically serve Dalgona cappuccino in a glass of cold milk topped with the rest of the drink. You can use almond or oat milk as a substitute for regular milk in this recipe. Java-brew or strong mocha mixed in is also an option. You can choose to have milk in your cappuccino or have an iced cappuccino instead. When using hot java-brew or espresso, you should avoid using it. Also, be careful of mixing hot liquids with dalgona java; the dalgona java will fall victim to the heat.

Can you make whipped coffee without a mixer?

It’s impossible to answer this one correctly. Even Hercules couldn’t whisk cappuccino and sugar into a meringue by hand. Whipping for 8 minutes without stopping is an immense challenge. Although this is not suitable for morning workouts, you may try it out as an arm workout.

Whipped Coffee Without Instant Coffee

Good news: whipped (dalgona) cappuccino doesn’t need instant java. Espresso or a strong blend of java-brew works, too! You should whip the espresso sugar for about 5 to 8 minutes.

All items are gluten-free.

  • PREPARATION TIME: 2 minutes

  • TIME OF WHIPPING: 8 minutes

  • TOTAL TIME: 10 minutes

  • COURSE: Drinks

  • CUISINE American

  • SERVINGS–+ drink(s)

  • CALORIES 300 kcal


  • Blender

  • Pinwheel

  • Average-sized glass

  • Pasta spoon


  • a cup of regular, strong, or extra-strong drink

  • four tablespoons of white sugar

  • half a cup of cold milk (any kind)


  1. Now mix in the boiling hot cappuccino and white sugar with a fork.
  2. The batter should be completely mixed.
  3. Once the mixture is fluffy, mix using a stand or handheld mixer. Patience is a virtue! Please wait a few minutes for this to finish.
  4. When fully beaten, the mixture should have a meringue-like texture and gentle peaks. As a general rule, we believe this takes around 5-8 minutes.
  5. To make it a tall glass, pour your cold milk into it. Transparent glasses allow you to view the lovely beverage you’re drinking.
  6. You’re done now! Go ahead and top it off with the dalgona mixture. Pour the espresso and sugar meringue into the glass so that it rests on top of the milk.
  7. That is the final piece! Because it’s dalgona espresso, you’ll want to savor the unique drink now. The dalgona espresso won’t keep forever.


Calories: 300 kcal

Refreshing espresso, energetic espresso,

Is whipped coffee is Dalgona Coffee? 

Dalgona espresso is a popular drink in Korean cafes, renown as whipped espresso. The process combines instant espresso, sugar, and water. Those liquids are pouring over milk and the resulting whipped froth. Surprisingly, this cappuccino has become so popular because of its light texture. People have quite many methods, many of which are wrong. When it comes to creating anything like that on Google or elsewhere. 

How can I be sure?

Because I tried it. The secret to creating an authentic creamed cappuccino is the amount of sugar. This java-brew has a soft custard-like texture because of the sugar. 

You must have equal amounts of cappuccino and sugar in your java while brewing.

Instant java is unnecessary to make dalgona java. Many sources say that you can make the creamed java-brew using an only instant cappuccino. Which is false. 

If you do not have instant java, you may use brewed coffee and espresso, as I did.

Because we only have instant coffee with milk powder at home, the coffee does not whip up. If you don’t have an espresso machine, there are alternatives.

If you’d want to prepare a java-brew or cappuccino at home, follow these steps. While I did, after a long time, I did wind up getting some instant espresso, so I prefer this recipe.

Is Whipped Dalgona Coffee flavorful and aromatic? 

That’s really sweet! Because of the custard-like texture, this coffee is absurdly sugary.

Many people prefer espresso over other kinds of milk. My java brew had milk in it after adding milk, espresso, and whipped cappuccino. 

Can whipped coffee replace instant coffee? 

It will certainly take you a long time, but you can do it. I was curious and saw a Google search result stating he could use a hand whisk with no difficulties.

No, that’s not true.

I ended up with simply frothy java-brew when I used a whisk.

This is a very simple investment to make, and it saves you time in the long run.

As you can see in the video, it took us approximately five minutes to get the meringue-like texture. If you’ve ever baked, you know what I mean; you’re making a meringue out of cappuccino! 

Final Verdict

There is now a recipe to make whip cream without instant cream! It is also possible and easier than you might think, as long as you have a good mixer and are willing to work with it. Instead, use a fancy espresso machine or Moka pot (or a standard drip machine). This coffee tastes better than the TikTok originals. 

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