How to Make Dalgona Coffee Without Sugar?

As you may have been able to see, the original recipe of the coffee dalgona takes sugar. For many of you, an inconvenience because either you are attempting to preserve the line or are on a diet.

Here we bring you an option just as tasty and sweet but with fewer calories and more healthy.

The manner of its preparation is the same as in the recipe above. Just substitute the sugar for Stevia granulated. You can use any other sweetener when it is grainy and not liquid.

The proportions are the same as in the original recipe coffee dalgona: equal part of hot water, espresso, and grain sweetener.

How to make Dalgona coffee without sugar?

This coffee smoothie is so good that it is popular in many countries. In Korea, know it as Dalgona, Greece as a Frappe, and India as a cappuccino smoothie. You will recognize it in any language as a rich espresso to pamper yourself! Besides, it is low in carbohydrates.


Ingredients espresso dalgona without sugar

• Soluble coffee- 4 tablespoons.

• Sweetener granulated- 4 tablespoons.

• Hot water- 4 tablespoons.

• Milk or vegetable drink- 350 ml.

Although they do not bring sugar, you should remember that the result is sweet, so if you’re used to drinking the cappuccino, the result can seem just too sweet.

In this case, you can use a large glass with plenty of ice to “soften” the sweet taste.


  • The mixer’s bowl introduces the café soluble, sugar, and hot water.
  • Whisk vigorously for about three minutes with a whisk manual, electrical, or with a former. Stir the mixture well, avoiding the formation of lumps.
  • Compute a couple more minutes if you do it by hand.
  • Place a glass of milk or vegetable drink and place the cream or foam on the top with a spatula or cooking spoon.
  • Fill a glass with that ice. Pour almond milk, vanilla extract, and stir well.
  • Place the coffee milkshake on top of the almond mixture with a spoon. Then serve.

Coffee without sugar and milk: dalgona coffee is the best option for those on a keto diet!

Dalgona espresso is coffee without sugar and milk. By itself, this is a strong black coffee.

Some may argue that drinking sweetener-free espresso is difficult.

People who drink black espresso (no dairy or sugar) will tell you that bitterness gives it depth of flavor.

But many other people call this drink “black eye”, which looks more like a battle than a drink.

Dalgona Joe is a coffee-based Moroccan dessert. Dalgonas java-brew is becoming more and more popular, especially among health-conscious people. This recipe is for people who do not want to add sweetener or milk instead of latte or cappuccino.

They named this cappuccino drink after a character from Jean-Luc Godard’s 1964 film Bande à part.

At that time, espresso without sweets and dairy was new and became a symbol of resistance.

It is healthy to have Dalgona coffee every morning. 

Coffee will help you lose weight and health. What was popular in the fitness world on the keto diet has now entered the copy market.

Doctors are very optimistic about the keto diet. Surprising but true is that doctors have advised you to add ghee and coconut oil to your coffee.

And if you do, it will keep you active all day.

They named it Bullet Coffee, which acts as fuel for the brain.

The biggest thing is that you can add any sweet milk you want at any time.

Sugar-free, milk-free, and only three ingredients!

We provide you with more nutritious thick drinks without calories.

  • Cappuccino has taken the internet by storm as the most-wanted 2020 of the Dalgona recipe.
  • This low-calorie espresso contains no sugar and is milk-free, making it ideal for the Keto diet.

You get a 3-in-1 mask for amazing discoveries in Korea. We may or may not know how to live without them. And Cape Worldwide Sensation. Who doesn’t know BTS? Korean diet is beneficial.

Cappuccino has the dubious difference of being one of the most popular recipes on the internet. Dalgona cappuccino is even believed to have its roots in China.

It is a unique blend of espresso, sugar, and water that produces thick cream-flavored drinks.

How to Make Dalgona Coffee Without Sugar?

What is the origin of the coffee dalgona? 

Look back to last year, when the recipe first became viral on social media.

The Secret Garden star Jung IL Woo and Hong Gil Dong baptized him on Stars’ Top Recipe. He is a sort of Master Chef Celebrity in which the participants create their recipes.

Mix instant coffee, sugar, and water, then add milk to drink.

They had to do it four hundred times by hand with a spoon (quiet; you don’t have to do it that well).

The interpreter said that the flavor reminded her of a dessert she’d eaten before. So everyone could recreate it at home as well as this is history.

Espresso recipe dalgona keto

While coffee dalgona is my first taste, this illusion may soon wear off if it is extremely flavorful. unhealthy, although to a somewhat lesser degree

Original Recipe Ingredients: 

  • Two teaspoons of cappuccino,
  • two tablespoons of sugar, and
  • two cups of hot water

Preparation procedure:

  1. In a bowl, put two tablespoons of instant java, two tablespoons sugar, and two tablespoons of hot water and whisk until rich foam is similar to whipped cream or in consequence of the heavy cream. The electric beater process, of course, will facilitate and accelerate.
  2. In a glass, pour either hot milk or add the ice cubes and milk to pour on the ice; it depends if you want a hot cup of coffee or ice java. The original version is ice, but it’s all in personal preference.
  3. The milk will eventually come prepared cappuccino cream. The result is essentially an inverted cappuccino; adding whipped milk to hot espresso makes cappuccino foam milk.
  4. If you like espresso more sweet, vanilla syrup, and espresso liquid, you can add sugar experiments and imagination have no limits.

What exactly is the problem? 

Of course, the quantity of sugar considerably surpasses the greatest recommended daily allowance. So keep quiet since you will eat this wonderful treat, but it will not be less healthful. Moreover, they are also keto-friendly because they contain no sugar or milk and have a low glycemic load.

Is this something you can do? 

You can use erythritol and milk instead of sugar to make a vegetable drink with almonds.

Final Verdict:

You can add ice to the milk or vegetable drink to enjoy this coffee also in summer. ¡Ideal to cool off! And if you add some cherries, vanilla, or cocoa black shredded, sure to win, a few fans are extra.


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