How to Make Lebanese Coffee?

Coffee is an important element of Lebanese cuisine. It is customary in this country to use it throughout the day. Learn “How to Make Lebanese Coffee?”

Lebanese Coffee

The peculiarity of the preparation of Lebanese coffee is that it is most often prepared in special samovars. Note that the drink is unusually strong and thick. The Lebanese also do not regret sugar for this drink, and they also necessarily flavor coffee with cardamom.

The peculiarity of using this drink is that if during the day there is coffee from the previous time. Then it is drunk cold, because it is even tastier, especially in the heat.

They save coffee beans or already ground in sealed packages – cans in freezers. Note that in Lebanon, fine grinding is a priority. You need to be able to brew such coffee. Because the proportions of preparation are somewhat different from a similar, but coarse grinding and it is easy to make a mistake and brew according to the Lebanese expression “water from socks”.

How to Make Lebanese Coffee?

Gather Ingredients

We offer the secrets of making real Lebanese coffee. It is necessary to boil water in a Turk, and only after that, put a spoonful of coffee.

Measure the Coffee and Water

For a 300 ml Turk, three and a half teaspoons of coffee are allowed for a weak drink, and for a strong one – all four with a slide.

Add Sugar

For this amount of water, two tablespoons of sugar are put in. If you want sweeter, add sugar to taste.

Mix and Heat the Ingredients

Then everything mixes well, and we begin to warm it up, bringing it to the fire, but not putting it on the burner, but as if holding the Turk over the fire. The main thing at this stage is not to let the coffee boil. As the coffee heats up, it will become viscous.

Watch the Bubbles

Then, without bringing it to a boil, we expect small bubbles to appear on the top layer of coffee in the Turk. When the number of bubbles along the edges of the Turk becomes more, we remove it from the fire and wait for the foam to settle. This operation should be repeated 2-3 times without letting the coffee boil.

Serve and Enjoy

After removing the Turks from the fire, they cover it with a saucer – a cup. The drink should be infused for about five minutes, and then we open the Turk, drain the top layer with thick foam, and pour the rest into cups and treat the guests.


Lebanese coffee is a highly esteemed ingredient due to its delicious flavor and significant cultural significance in the country. A cup of genuine Lebanese coffee calls for a traditional brewing method, high-quality coffee grounds grown in Lebanon, and the addition of cardamom and sugar. This tasty beverage is a great way to introduce your friends to the skill of Lebanese coffee-making or to enjoy on your own.

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