There is a gourmet coffee craze in many Americans. Americans are preferring to drink their coffee the way Europeans do: really strong.

If you can’t afford the rising prices of trendy coffee shops, you can make strong coffee at home. Just be sure to use fresh coffee beans or ground coffee. Follow these simple steps to make your own gourmet-style strong coffee.

How to Make Strong Coffee at Home!

Step 1

Change your usual coffee recipe. Increase the number of coffee beans by half a measure more than the measure of coffee you use. If you use whole coffee beans, grind an extra quarter cup of coffee beans for every cup you normally grind.

How to make strong coffee

Step 2

Dilute two teaspoons of instant espresso powder in 2 tablespoons of boiled water. Prepare two cups of fresh Colombian coffee according to the usual recipe on the stove.

Otherwise, you can prepare it in an electric percolator or you can use a coffee maker. When the coffee is ready, add the diluted espresso mixture.

Step 3

Substitute your espresso coffee for whatever blend of coffee you normally use. Add an extra two tablespoons of water for every cup of coffee you make. Proceed to prepare the coffee as usual, in the percolator or in the coffee maker.

Step 4

Swap out using Turkish or Greek coffee instead of your regular blend. Buy Turkish or Greek coffee in the Midwest or the Greek food section of your grocery store. Buy the special pot used to make coffee, known as a briki.

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