I am a bit of an expert on coffee. I cover almost all the topics related to espresso machines, coffee as well as tests related to certain products. The reason is a strong simple; I adore coffee. Probably, because I’m very busy and I love to be productive even in the late evening.

I often get questions in connection with preparing the espresso. Since many of you are loving this elixir. Although individual doses are now available, a question often comes up. How to measure the amount of grain perfect for sinking a delicious joe?

To ease you, I have done a little analysis about this. I will explain how to measure the cafe to get a cup of espresso to excellence.

Measure and know dose for the perfect cup of coffee:

If you are cooking pastries, you know it’s chemistry. It is necessary to measure everything properly to raise the cakes. It’s a bit the same with the coffee. It is well worth count the number of ground beans to use as well as the right amount of water.

how to measure the right amount of coffee

You should also know that the time of infusion is essential so that the coffee can be rich when you’re going to drink it.

The espresso shops have a density difference depending on the level of roasting. The cafe more roasted is lighter and may seem more full-bodied. It is enough to change its dosage because of a few grams for you to adjust.

Never hesitate to try and rely on your palate and your nose. The important thing is that your cafe will suit you best.

What is the right amount of cappuccino/water for one cup:

In the beginning, it is normal to weigh your cappuccino with scales such as kitchen Scales, digital Good Grips OXO. With time, this level of precision will be innate. The golden rule is to 55g of cappuccino. Filter preparation per 1 liter of water and 69g per liter for preparation of full immersion. Make a rule of three to find the necessary amount and adjust it for you if need be. Weigh the water also helps to be more specific. 1g = 1ml. A cup = 250g of water.

Don’t forget to rinse off your cappuccino filter. It is important to rinse it with hot water before adding the ground cappuccino. Rinsing will remove the small dust and the taste of paper.

The preparation of espresso is a matter of time:

Once rinse the filter, add the ground cafe and wet the cappuccino with hot water (95 Celsius). A pre-infusion of 30 seconds will release the aromas and you’ll see the difference. Once 30 seconds have passed, drizzle your hot water, making sure that all the espresso is wet.

The infusion time is very important. Moreover, some of the machines, Barista. Such as cappuccino Machine pump Cafe Roma from Breville. Offers different infusion times for cafes tight and full-bodied.

Each method has an infusion time precise. Brewing too long will give a bitter taste, while too short, you’ll have a water dish that is tasteless. Use a timer (I use the “timer” of the micro-waves) for the infusion with a brewer such as an espresso maker glass of OXO. A time of 3m the 30s 4m is enough for most methods. Again, follow your nose and experiment. In the control steps, you will improve and recreate your recipe.

Remember, before enjoying your cappuccino as it will still boil, allow to rest for 1 to 2 minutes. It will cool down and will allow you to fully enjoy the aromas without burning your tongue.

A good practice, while your cappuccino is in preparation, is to heat your cup. Moreover, in good restaurants cappuccino, this practice is very widespread. During the infusion, use water from the kettle and fill your cups. This is to prevent from cooling too quickly your cappuccino and keep it hot for a long time.

High-quality water for the excellent cup of joe:

The water element is the most present in cafe (99,9%). That we often forget that when we speak of the preparation of cappuccino. Tap water is still better than bottled water. If only the unpleasant smell of chlorine, and even in some places of fluorine.

Forget the distilled water, the cappuccino needs minerals to absorb the soluble. My recommendation is to use a filter of the type “pitcher” to the cartridge that goes in the refrigerator. However, don’t forget to change the cartridge. Because it needs time to time altering, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

A cappuccino maker such as a cappuccino maker, a cup K35 Keurig, offers built-in filters. That you can change as needed.

What can you put in espresso to make it even better?

Well, that espresso lovers love espresso alone, black or with a little milk. It is possible to give a little punch to your espresso. Also, I’m opting usually for an espresso dessert after a dinner of hearty rather than a serving of cake.

Personally, I like to add a bit of liqueur alcoholic sweet to my espresso after dinner. I add a cookie, a Pirouline, or a piece of dark chocolate to go with my cup of espresso in the evening. When I’m feeling a little bit festive, I also added whipped cream.

Through the cream, confectioners ‘ sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg, you can add a touch of vanilla. That will make your espresso completely decadent.

Don’t throw away your coffee, reuse it!

There are several ways to reuse your grains of joe after you have brewed your perfect cup. You can use cafe grounds as a deodorant just like baking soda.

Just as it decreases your pipes, marc coffee is the perfect companion. If you are looking for scouring pots and pans dirty! Although it is abrasive, it is easy enough to damage delicate surfaces. Like your pots and pans and other kitchen accessories. Thus, to get fat, put some cafe grounds on your rag and rub. You will regret, without doubt, have not used this trick before!

If you have a green thumb, it is also possible to use the coffee grounds for the garden. First, you can just use it in your compost where it will foster the development of bacteria that break down waste. But the cafe is also an excellent fertilizer and you can add it directly to the ground of your plants. It will be several minerals that will fertilize and will help your plant to stay healthy. As it is all the same acid, use sparingly for maximum effect.

If you are dealing with ants, aphids, or slugs, the cafe grounds will take them away in a blink of an eye. Sprinkle it where you will see these small pests and they will not come back. A trick that allows you to avoid chemical-based insecticides.

There is also the possibility to use it as care exfoliating in the shower. It is even possible to make your own soap eco-friendly with coffee. When you look on the Internet, you will discover many fascinating recipes.

I love coffee, and you? Feel free to comment below this publication, your best recipes for a coffee house. I look forward to learning from you.

A decent cup of coffee at any time of the day is always nice.

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