When we buy coffee, we normally get packages of 250 grams, 500 grams, or 1 kg.

It is advisable to keep the unopened package until you are ready to consume.

So, it is advisable to buy packages that adjust to your weekly consumption basis. The small size for a family would be ideal for not having them open too long. Anyway, there is a little trick if you have bought or had gifted a large amount of coffee, let’s say a kg. It is none other than once opened to divide the content into 4 containers of 250 grams. They have already been with specific tweezers to close food packages. 

how to open coffee bag

You can use an airtight container, or better yet to store them under vacuum.

The loss of aroma does not occur due to oxidation of coffee. So, you should find these containers in any hardware store, household goods store, or shopping center. They are not expensive and you can also find many that you can use as decorative elements.

You should always keep it in a place where there is an adequate temperature. And you should always avoid nearby heat sources. As we have said, the refrigerator is a safe bet if you store it according to the rest of the recommendations.


This trick couldn’t be simpler: keep the coffee package neatly closed. The oxidation of the coffee mainly caused the problem of loss of aroma. So you should understand the chemical process by which the coffee proteins react with oxygen.

By eliminating the air, it is possible to eliminate the oxidation of the coffee. And therefore you can preserve the coffee for longer and in better conditions.

Closing the coffee bag well is not expensive. There are, as we have said, countless airtight cans specially designed for this on the market. We can also transfer our coffee to bags with so-called ‘zip’ closures, which we can find in any large area. You can include specific clamps to close food packages in multiple shapes and colors.

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