S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker formed the Black and Decker Manufacturing Company in 1900. Plus the company has grown from its small machine shop. The company roots to the world’s largest manufacturer of power tools. Those products are selling through more than 100 countries. Power tools are Black and Decker’s main focus. But the company alsoHow to program black and Decker coffee maker sells various household products. 

The products are vacuum cleaners, hairdryers, and small appliances. The Black & Decker 12-Cup Coffeemaker “DCM85” has a programmable interface. That interface is useful for delayed brewing.

You can set the clock on a freshly plugged-in Black and Decker coffee maker. All you need to press the “MIN” and “HR” buttons until the current time displaying. Let the watch sit for 10 seconds after you enter the correct time to set it to the displayed time. Hold “HR” and “MIN” simultaneously for three seconds to enter “Time Mode”. And that will alter the clock after the start time is set.


  • Press the “Program” button on the coffee machine.
  • Press the “MIN” and “HR” buttons to set the time you want the coffee needs to finish brewing.
  • Press the “Schedule” button again to confirm the time you have entered. Cancel the program at any time by pressing the “Program” button again.


Make sure the coffee filter, ground coffee, and water are in place before setting the brew time.

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