Coffee is a favorite drink, without which it is impossible to start the day.

This is often difficult for those who want to move towards alternatives.

It is often difficult for beginners who are just switching to an alternative to get used to a new taste. Black coffee may seem too bitter or sour for them. So sugar is the best option to sweeten it a bit.

But sugar drowns out the taste of coffee and does not allow you to feel all the shades of taste.

This article shows how to make it even sweeter, but at the same time preserve all the useful properties.

Coffee is one of the three most popular drinks in the world. It is drunk willingly and a lot. And this drink also brings people closer.

An entire culture has developed around it. When we want to meet friends or loved ones, we invite them for a cup of coffee.

By the way, not everyone can drink black coffee without sweeteners and additives.

Yet, in modern conditions, everyone is trying to limit the amount of sugar consumption. These are because of health problems and risks for the body.

Therefore, everyone tries to avoid excess sugar. However, this is not a reason to get worried. There are other ways to make your coffee sweeter.

Take a close look at our list of healthy sweeteners that will brighten up your coffee and make it even tastier.

How to Sweeten Coffee Without Sugar?

01. Agave Syrup

Agave syrup

Agave syrup has become especially popular amid the increasing attacks on sugar. For its vast marketing, this product is renowned as a purely natural sweetener. In fact, everything is not so simple.

In fact, agave syrup is not as harmless as it seems at first glance. In terms of calorie content, it is not inferior to sugar. Still, agave syrup has several benefits.

So, it has a low glycemic index, which means that the level of insulin in the blood does not increase. Plus the appetite after consuming this product does not increase.

02. Almond Milk

Milk coffee just tastes better. It turns out to be especially tasty if you don’t add whole cow’s milk, but alternative healthy options like: almond milk.

It is not only healthy and nutritious but also very tasty.

Making it at home is as easy as shelling pears. To do this, pour 1 cup of almonds with water and leave overnight. In the morning, add 3 cups of water to the nuts and blend in a blender.

Strain the milk through a sieve or cheesecloth and transfer it to a glass jar. After that you refrigerate the milk for up to 5 days before using.

How to sweeten coffee without sugar

03. Cinnamon


Cinnamon belongs to the category of very healthy and tasty spices.

Regular consumption of cinnamon can help to normalize the digestive system.

It can control your appetite and even lose weight. It’s perfect for more than just baked goods.

Cinnamon can be added to drinks as well in coffee also. Its taste will become very sophisticated and unusual, and you do not need sugar.

And this will not affect your figure in any way.

04. Homemade Cream

The cream is a fairly high-calorie product.

It is important to clarify that we are talking about a product from store shelves.

And if cooked at home, they can be a great low-calorie and healthy addition to coffee.

Try homemade almond milk cream with figs. Both fresh and dried fruits can be used.

They add a pleasant sweetness to the coffee.

Homemade cream

05. Honey


Honey is the healthiest natural product. It is a valuable source of vitamins and minerals. Natural honey can increase the overall tone of the body and has a tonic effect. In addition, honey enhances immunity, which is especially important in the autumn season.

You will be safe during the time when infections and viruses wreak havoc on people.

The only clarification: if you want to sweeten your coffee with honey, then do not add it to the drink itself. Place a bowl next to you. Under the influence of high temperatures, honey loses all its beneficial properties.

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