It’s always a dilemma to decide if I want my coffee hot or cold. What do you think? Cuisinart Automatic Grind and Brew Thermal are your best friends if you agree that both are great. This blog post will show you how to use your Cuisinart Automatic Grind and Brew Thermal in ways you never thought possible!

The Cuisinart Grind and Brew Thermal Coffee Maker is a drip coffee maker that makes it easy to brew a fresh cup of coffee on demand. Drip coffee makers are a great way to have a fresh cup every morning without wasting a single drop. I have a Cuisinart Automatic Drip Coffee Maker that I use daily. You are going to know about how to use the Automatic Grind and Brew Thermal Coffee Maker, too.

There are a few steps that you must follow to use this model or any model from Cuisinart. The correct use allows you to use it for a considerable time. But, to use it regularly without keeping it idle provides a coffee pure, tasty, and aromatic forever.

How to use Cuisinart Automatic Grind and Brew Thermal


Step 1: prepare the machine.
Make sure that your coffee maker is clean. Place the machine on a level surface. Place in a level position helps to soak the beans ground thoroughly with water.

Step 2: add water
Cover the lid of the jar to add water. You will find the measure in the jug’s body. Determines which quantity you want and what sum.

How to use Cuisinart Automatic Grind and Brew Thermal

Step 3: fill the tank.
Open the tank lid to pour the measured water from the pitcher. The care is optional; you can pour water using another pot. After running the water required, replace the lid tightly.

Step 4: preheat your carafe.
Pour hot water into the pitcher travel to preheat. Pouring water is an important task. This technique helps to keep the coffee hotter. Now stream the water back into the slot.

Step 5: prepare the filter.
In this step, you must remove the basket from the filter to use a new filter or waste. Do not use the same filter for a while frequently. Instead, try to use a new filter for each time of preparation. If don’t have any, you can check out this What to use instead of coffee filter.

Step 6: add coffee grounds.
Be sure to take fresh ground to achieve an authentic taste. Have a grinder built-in coffee maker that gives you new earth while you grind the beans before you begin to prepare. If you are using only a coffee maker, try to grind for 20 minutes before preparation.

Use two tablespoons of beans, ground for 1 cup of coffee. To get a bitter taste or lightweight, you can increase and decrease the black beans.

Step 7: starting to prepare for
Now adjust the configuration and the temperature according to the requirements. Should not rush to get a coffee before you prepare it properly. Beeps while your coffee is ready. Wait until you hear the sound.

Step 8: pour and drink.
Now, your coffee is ready to drink. You can take it instantly or a few moments after since Cuisinart DCC-3400 keeps the coffee warm for an hour.

Step 9: clean the coffee machine
While You make the infusion, thoroughly clean it. Remove the ground coffee in the filter. Use the button for self-cleaning to clean in less time and difficulty. Using the soil used for the garden of your balcony as a natural fertilizer is a smart idea for decorating patios.

Note: to get the perfect coffee is not just a matter of properly use a coffee maker. It is also a question of fresh earth.

Therefore, we suggest you consume grains freshly grated or ground with a coffee grinder perfect or use a grinder built-in coffee makers to maintain the original freshness.

Brew Thermal

Cuisinart DCC-3400 knows how to build a perfect coffee. It is a model of a coffee maker that provides the taste and aroma of real coffee without compromise. Users of this gadget liked them a lot for having outstanding features.

It has a capacity of a temperature of 200 ° F for boiling water quickly. The option adjustment in bold allows you to extend the length of extraction to provide a rich aroma. Includes a blue LED light brightly to handle comfortably. The programmability automatically for 24 hours delays the time of preparation to provide coffee at a specific time. Let’s see the most important features.

Pause of preparation

The pause of preparation is an important feature for those people who are always busy throughout the day. This activity is excellent to get 1 cup of instant coffee before you complete the whole preparation process. Can you imagine how vital it this feature is?

The pause of preparation is important as you do not have enough time but want to take hot coffee to increase their resistance. Also, be busy after taking a cup of coffee gives you extra energy since the coffee has excellent health benefits.

Remove the carafe and pour the coffee. Then, replace the jar in the same place to continue with all the preparation. While pulling out the jug, the machine will stop the process of preparation automatically. Thus, there is no possibility of ongoing trial that can be a cause of waste of coffee. This coffee maker Cuisinart DC-3400 runs on a specific system without making a mess.


To get a coffee maker with a preparation capacity, you should invest more when you choose the other brand. From this point of view, having a coffee maker, Cuisinart 12 cups, is the best value. Truly, I rarely get such features in a coffee machine common as the brand Cuisinart.

Jug thermal 12-cup

The coffee stays hot for at least an hour in the Cuisinart. Don’t you want to reheat to serve the next person? It has a great design which increased the beauty of the whole machine. A jug thermal holds within the coffee warm for an hour than other types of pitchers.

The capacity of 12 cups is enough for the server of a small party. But, it yields 12 cups at a time but does not lose the real flavor. Its handle without heat allows you to grip it comfortably. There is a possibility that it quite suddenly and not heated in any way to provide excellent management benefits.


The BPA is an industrial chemical dangerous used for the manufacture of many kitchen utensils. Cuisinart DCC-3200 is 1005 free of BPA. Therefore, there is no risk to health, no matter how many years you have been using.

Button simple control

Includes a simple button control to operate with greater efficiency. You can access the full button to grab all the feathers involved efficiently. The switch has a selection of 1 to 4 cups in bold, clean, automatic ignition, preparation / off.

If you need only 1 to 4 cups of coffee at once, you can provide it through designated options. The bold choice gives you a fast aromatic stronger. You’ll never miss the authentic taste of coffee with this coffee maker Cuisinart.

The auto preset function allows you to take coffee to the desired time. Begins to prepare themselves for the indicated time. Have a cup of coffee ready to start the day.

Carbon filtering

You must be concerned about your health! In all, no one wants so much insecurity. But, he added, the flirting system on the coals to prevent the development of coffee contaminating.

You can prevent chlorine and different pollution. Also, avoid the creation of calcium carbonate from the interior of the brewing chamber. Finally, you can replace the filter after a long period of use without replacing the entire machine.


Clean the coffee maker manually is a painful chore. But it is necessary to clean it regularly to get the true essence of coffee. To use the option of self-cleaning to clean the coffee maker Cuisinart is not a challenging task for the possibility of self-cleaning remaining. Would you please press the button to clean it thoroughly? It saves your time and difficulties.


An LED light sends clear signals about what is happening inside of this manufacturer. The good visibility and the instant display of results is another remarkable feature that you can’t ignore. In addition, the light is sturdy enough to last a long time. The LED indicates that you do not break or damage even if the machine suddenly drops to the ground hard.

Perfect temperature coffee

You need to have a coffee at 200 ° F for real preparation. Unfortunately, most of the coffee machines do not have this temperature. For example, the Cuisinart DCC-3400 coffee machine has a temperature of 200 ° F!

This high temperature will never leave the ground coffee without melting. It is for this reason that manages the development of the beer, the more delicate it offers a smell and taste are perfect.

Pleasant appearance and showerhead.

The showerhead allows you to reach the water around the land. Allows you to extract the coffee grounds impeccably to make the coffee tastier. Their outer appearance is simply fantastic, such as a layer of stainless steel.

This structure and the material are incorporated to allow you to use it for a prolonged period, even without mechanical problems. It will also increase the beauty of your kitchen, where the other kitchen appliances can’t do it.

Jug thermal heavy

Your jug thermal may seem heavy, but most of the user doesn’t mind the heaviness. Expect an appropriate manufacturer. Because of this, a little more weight does not bother them.

Here is a Explainer video from Cuisinart on how to use Cuisinart Automatic Grind and Brew Thermal.

Our verdict

Some cons can’t beat the original qualities of the same. Collect the scores and comments of the customs. Those will help you find out what users have in mind, exactly, about this machine. Honestly, we did not find any reason to reject this article. Essentially, this is the best coffee maker Cuisinart among consumers.

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