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Have you ever been in a situation where your coffee filters run out and you’re left with no choice but to make do without them? I have! It can be frustrating, especially when there are so many substitutes for the purpose of filtering coffee.

Some people use paper towels, tissue paper or cheese cotton which is just as effective as using a coffee filter. Muslin cloths are also an option if you don’t want to mess around with making one yourself.

The important thing is that whatever substitute material you choose will get the job done at least adequately well enough for your purposes (which may not require much). Curious to know more?  Lets drive deep.

Your answer of ‘What Can I Use Instead of a Coffee Filter at Home’.


Paper towels are a common home remedy when disposable coffee sieves have run out.

Fold up a couple of disposable towels and put them in the expresso machine to form a makeshift filter. Only use disposable towels as a net on rare occasions because the paper towel comes apart easily.

To make the strainer fold, use two towels in the middle and cross one over the other in the coffee pot.

This net will give you a more robust base, guaranteeing the coffee. Traditional brew filters are coming from porous paper. Moreover, that allows liquid to pass through them. You can use the paper towel in the same way. So, you can use it as a great alternative to filter cappuccino..

What can I use instead of a coffee filter


Tissue paper is also a great substitute if you run out of a disposable sieve.

It is easier to shape than paper towels, so it holds better in the carrier strainer. It also lets the drink flow more evenly than generally thinner paper towels.

Double-ply toilet paper is more effective than single-ply paper.

Tissue Paper Coffee Filter


You can use Cheesecloth as a substitute for coffee filters. The Cheesecloth is used in the manufacture of cheese. And the Cheesecloth comprises knitting fabric with more or fewer fines.

Cheesecloth comes in different gradations, from extra fine to coarse mesh. The finer the mesh, the better it is for brewing the brew, as the ground coffee must not pass through the fabric.



Muslin is like Cheesecloth. It has been used to make butter. Muslin is a thin type of cloth; it is also an excellent substitute for coffee filters.

Muslin is a tightly woven cotton fabric that allows the butter to form and flow.

And, muslin cloth works better for the coffee too! This kind of filter uses to make a traditional drink like Turkish coffee.

 Muslin coffee filter


Newer advanced expresso machines have built-in permanent sieves. All of you have to clean them following their written instructions.

Then, you can purchase it separately. The filter’s shape fits most brew makers. And instead of paper, these filters are handy and come from stainless steel to prevent rust.

In addition, the permanent filter is Environmental friendly. You can wash and re-use it hundreds of times. If you are out of stock on coffee filters, don’t worry!

Coffee Filter

There are plenty of substitutes that can help get your morning going. PAPER TOWELS, TISSUE PAPER and CHEESE COTTON or CHEESECLOTH all work great as a substitute for coffee filters. These materials will do the trick to filter your brew without costing you an arm and a leg at the store.

What have you used instead of paper towel in place of coffee filter? Let me know in the comment section below!


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