What Does the Strong Brew Button Do on Your Coffee Maker?

Looking for “What Does the Strong Brew Button Do on Your Coffee Maker?” The STRONG brew button that comes on Keurig means a cup of strong coffee more than your usual one.

In today’s world, we are constantly on the go and need our coffee to match our pace. A coffee maker makes it easy! You can whip up a cup of coffee in minutes, and enjoy the rich flavor and aroma of fresh-brewed coffee at home.

If you’re a coffee lover, you probably use a coffee maker. Right?

But what about the functions of the machine? There are some buttons on it. Do you know the exact usage of them?

What Does the Strong Brew Button Do on Your Coffee Maker?

Have you ever wondered what that STRONG brew button does on your coffee maker?


Don’t worry. Keep reading. I’m here to uncover this matter.

The ‘STRONG’ Button

The Keurig company has several coffee maker with different shapes and styles. They can be a K-single-serve coffee maker or a K-duo with multiple-brew.

Whether it’s a single-serve or a duo, you’ll see a ‘Strong’ button on most of them.
This button is to strengthen your coffee.

You’ll find this button on the menu bar. Some of the Keurig brewers have got multiple strength levels and some have only one.

Only Keurig coffee makers have this capability; however, not all models offer brew strength settings like the intense setting.

How does the Strong Button Work?

Instead of heating water to burn ground coffee, the strong brew button lengthens the brewing process to BOOST BREW STRENGTH.

Making strong cups of coffee requires a number of essential ingredients, including hot water. The water temperature does not rise, nevertheless, when the powerful brewing option is used. Rather, Keurig prolongs the extraction phase of the brewing process by brewing your dark roast coffee for a longer period of time.

It merely lengthens the brew cycle time and slightly lowers pressure. It releases water into the grounds, waits a short while, releases more, waits a short while, etc. The flavors are extracted more fully the longer the brew is in contact with the grounds.

This results in a stronger brew throughout the extraction phase without sacrificing flavor extraction!

To some extent, this is advantageous!

Wooo! I love this one! I use it all the time!

(Tips: If you use a reusable coffee filter in your drip coffee maker, be sure to change it out after each use to prevent getting grounds in your cup.)

The Bonuses of Strong Button

This one brews a cup of coffee that is bold, and it has the best flavor and aroma possible.

On the strong setting, an amount of coffee is needed that is equivalent to what is used on the usual setting is brewed.

The quantity of water that is necessary for this setting is comparable to the quantity of water that was necessary for the preceding choice.

The Flaws of Strong Button

In order to successfully complete the brewing process with this option, you will need significantly more time than is typically required.

It often results in an increased amount of caffeine being produced by it compared to the norm.

Health Tips

Do you know caffeine can be harmful to your body if you take a lot of it?

It can lead your body to some diseases such as Headache, Insomnia, Nervousness, Irritability, Frequent urination or inability to control urination, Fast heartbeat, and Muscle tremors if you take up to 4 cups of caffeine-infused beverages a day. Along with these, it can darken your skin-tone.

Oops! If you are a beauty-conscious one then you probably won’t like that.

Here are some tips for you__

  • Caffeine concentrations of up to 400 milligrams (mg) per day do not appear to pose any health risks for persons in generally good health. So you can take at best 4 cups of coffee per day obviously you need to avoid the strong coffee.
  • Not all strong coffee has more caffeine. All you need is to change the coffee brewing process if you want a strong cup without extra caffeine. You can use a small cup for a strong but usual amount of caffeinated coffee.
  • When you are brewing coffee, brew it for less time. This cuts down on the amount of caffeine it has.
  • You can use coffee that contains less caffeine. To know the quantity of caffeine in different types of coffee, Check this out.

Final verdict

This is all for now. Hope you’ve got the knowledge of the Strong button of your Keurig brewer.

Thanks for reading.

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