Breve coffee is the American interpretation of the latte. Brave coffee preparation uses heating and frothing the half milk. And half cream added to the milk frothing container for 1 minute with the help of steam. And pouring the espresso made in a ratio of 1-1 on a cup or glass. With the remaining foam from the milky mixture, you can make a design on your cup of coffee after pouring.

What is a Breve coffee

Breve coffee is all about using the milk & cream, adding with the espresso.

Caffe Breve differs slightly from the standard latte.

Caffe Breve is an espresso-based drink made like a cappuccino. With steamed instead of half and half milk. Try it if you want to drink a rich (but unsweetened) espresso.

This drink is an American made of classic Italian café lattes that are strictly milk-based. But Caffe Breve drinks are fluffier than the average latte. Average lattes are brewing with standard milk since it doubles the amount of froth in a steamed espresso drink.

A Caffe Breve contains significantly more fat and cholesterol than lattes with milk. Even if the milk is milk rather than low-fat or skimmed. But many coffee drinkers find a café monster rich enough to go adding no flavorings. You can usually serve it as a “sweet” drink, but there are some who like it like the morning caffeine fix.

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