The so-called American coffee is one of the most widespread ways to enjoy this drink around the world. But what exactly is American coffee? The reality is that there is an open debate about it, with a great variety of approaches and opinions.

For some, American coffee is the same as filter coffee. As it is the traditional way of preparing coffee in the United States and in many other parts of the world. For others, it is a long water coffee, that is, an espresso with hot water.

In all cases, American coffee has to be a softer coffee that contains much more water than espresso. Some say that having more water, American coffee has less caffeine. But the real truth is the caffeine intake can be even higher than an espresso.

There is a legend that points to its creation during World War II. This type of coffee has its origin in the American troops who settled in Italy during those times of war. The soldiers were asking for a milder & lighter coffee more than the typical Italian espresso & ristretto, as they want to filter their coffee. For this reason, they began to reduce their coffee with water.

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