Now you are wondering then, what is gourmet coffee? Well, it is 100% Arabica coffee, with a height greater than 1,000 meters. It can be organic, tall, or fair trade. There is no standard definition, but it refers to all fine coffees ready to drink.

And, as you’ve read, it’s uniquely distinguished by harvesting. From the way it’s cultivated, roasted, and packed.

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In some cases, they have their rules, and there are high-altitude coffees. Or there are organic coffees that are producing without the presence of chemicals.

But in the case of gourmet coffees, there is no definition of the law.

One of the characteristics of gourmet coffee is that people are consuming it in a cafeteria or at home. Therefore, it is not used for other processes like most robusta coffees.

Moreover, gourmet coffees can give you mouth-pleasing essences. Those essences are going to feel in your body, acidity, aroma, finish, and aftertaste.

Otherwise, it is a cafe with an inferior selection. Its storage method needs special care. First, it needs to pack in bags that allow it to breathe; if not, it oxidizes and loses aroma, flavor, and quality.

What is Gourmet coffee : three recipes for a romantic evening

On a cool autumn evening, you can always brighten up with a cup of hot coffee. But, you can make that more delightful by preparing one of the three original recipes.

MIKO Premium Tastes Barista and Jura will assist you in making variations to the standard menu. For example, you can prepare the coffee according to the exclusive recipe of Pavel Yerofeyev. The recipes are for two servings of the beverage. For cooking in a French press, a large grind is ideal. But for cooking in a Turk, you can use the tiniest possible crush, completely ground to dust.

“Snow” latte


# Milk — 100 ml;
# Espresso — 2 cups (100 ml);
# Vanilla syrup — 40 ml;
# Marshmallow — 50 g;
# Whipped cream — 40 g.


# Prepare two cups of espresso beans fresh.

snow latte coffee

# Pour the syrup into the bottom of the glass.
# Pour the espresso prepared in the vessels.
# Decorate with a hat of whipped cream and sprinkle the marshmallows over the top.

Coffee with orange juice


# ground coffee — 4 tsp.;
# hot water — 200 ml;
# orange juice-100 ml;
# cinnamon, cloves — to taste;
# Orange slices-decoration.


# Pour the ground coffee and spices with hot water (95-100 C) in a French press.
# Pour orange juice into preheated glasses.
# After 4-5 minutes, pour the coffee into the glasses.
# Garnish the glasses with orange slices and cinnamon.

Coffee with pepper and ice cream


# ground coffee — 4 tsp.;
# hot water — 300 ml;
# Red pepper, ground-1/8 tsp. (or on the tip of a knife);
# ice cream (sundae) – 100 g;
# red pepper pod-decoration.


# Pour ground coffee with red pepper in a French press with hot water for 4-5 minutes.
# For glasses, put 50 g of ice cream.
# Pour the brewed coffee into the glasses.
# Garnish each glass with a red pepper pod.

Features of gourmet coffee

Let’s start with the basics: coffee comes from a plant called coffee, and of this, picked coffee cherries to save the seeds or beans inside.

The gourmet coffee is part of a special selection of the cherries of the coffee tree, and we say special. Because its harvesting process takes place using hand. But only when it has reached the point of maturity accurately. So if the coffee harvesting process takes place using machines or by other means, which do not respect the maturity of the grain, it is impossible to be gourmet.

The gourmet coffee is part of a special selection of the cherries of the coffee tree, and we say special because its harvesting process is by hand. But only when it has reached the point of maturity accurately. So the coffee harvesting process takes by machines. Or by other means which do not respect the maturity of the grain, it is impossible to be gourmet.
Coffee comes in a variety of forms, including beans, ground, capsules, and so on. Though regardless of the format, the quality of the coffee depends on other factors. The quality depends on:

The type of seed,

# The conditions of the plant’s cultivation location
# The method of collection, and,
# Of course, how they processed it.

All of this will make the coffee end that gets in our cup has a better flavor and body. And these “coffee lovers” as we know it and appreciate it.
The coffee trees, in turn, have varieties. But when it comes to coffee, one of the first classifications established is its type. There are two types of coffee to distinguish:
1. Coffee Arabica
2. Coffee Robusta.
Both have flavors and aromas that different.

What distinguishes an arabica coffee-a robust?

The main difference is their source, which, as mentioned above, is one of the factors. That will influence the quality, taste, and characteristics of the coffee.

The robusta coffee comes from the plant Coffea Canephora. It also comes from areas of Central Africa. These are dry areas, which makes the robusta coffee has a taste more bitter, less digestive, and contain a greater level of caffeine. It is usually considered to be a coffee of lower quality. Besides to the plant of the robusta coffee is less sensitive to the time to cultivate. It is for this reason that its price is usually lower than the arabica.

So, we find the arabica coffee. It has its origin in Ethiopia and comes from the plant Coffea Arabica. They can grow today in other countries if their areas of cultivation are among the 500 and 2,400 meters of altitude. It is a coffee with very little caffeine (rarely exceeds 1.7%), very aromatic, smooth on the palate, and very digestive. There are about 200 types of Arabica coffees which are further subdivided into subtypes.

The cultivation of Coffea Arabica requires a cool climate, sub-tropical, sun and shade, and a special ground. It is a plant quite vulnerable to cold and insects. Requires much more care, which makes their beans are more expensive to get and its price is higher.
And what we came to talk about.

What makes a coffee shop is a gourmet?

The gourmet coffee or premium consists of 100% Arabica.

Plus, make sure those are grown and processed in the best conditions. It is that which is obtained only for the cherry red and mature grains. That all you need to process them with water and dry them in the sun, and then roast them.

As for the roast, it should not produce on-toast. Because that would make them taste, then it is bitter and hides the natural flavor of the coffee.

Regarding the storage, they must package it in an envelope or package that allows you to breathe. If not stored properly, the coffee will tend to oxidize, reducing its aroma, taste, and quality.

What are the countries with the best gourmet coffee?

This is not a competition, but know in which country produces the coffee more delicious. Remember that some of the determinants are the treatment, the process. From the coffee plant (which produces cherry coffee) to the liquid in our cup, it’s been this way. Some regions but offer climates that are ideal for coffee tree growth.


When we hear “Colombian coffee,” we think directly of unmatched quality. It is very curious that, but not far from true: the coffee produced in Colombia is one of the best in the world. This is due to the microclimates of the mountains.

The Colombian coffee is not highlighted by one or another specific detail. But famous for its many nuances of flavors, dyes, and aromatics. In this South American country, they wash arabica coffee beans in the traditional manner, with the utmost care.


Coffee from Kenya is sweet and has an acidity like that of wine. Your time, your taste, and the location of harvesting are all important factors. Something that it preserves as a general feature is a special gourmet. So they wash and dry it in the sun. It is the coffee fresh and floral! You have to try it.


This country is the largest producer of coffee. It has less body, but the intensity in its taste, and some candy points; it is not acidic, so that many people love it. And it is not that the acid taste in coffee is a bad thing. In fact, you can consider it as a virtue. But, if you like the coffee was not so loaded, and pointing more to sweet, you’ll love the Brazilian.

Collection of grains For Coffee Gourmet

As I told you before, hands must harvest the coffee beans and not by machines. This is the best selection process for a very accurate acquiring method. That ensures all the grains are mature and free of leaves, stones, insects, and green beans.

Wet process

Each one of those hand-collected coffee beans contains a pulp inside. Also known as honey coffee. You should remove the pulp from the coffee beans. To be successful, we can put all the grains into a tank of water for 24 hours.

Drying in the sun

Soaking the grains in water for a day will have excessive moisture. That is where these spread out on a flat surface need to dry in the sun of the tropics. After then it should be, finally, a coffee bean, with approximately 12.5% moisture.

Toasted artisan

For the coffee beans to be gourmet, you must roast in small amounts. That is what we mean when we discuss “toasted artisan.” Only in this way can the flow of all those aromas and flavors special.


This point is very important because, of course, after so much care could not expect the packaging of gourmet coffee to become ordinary. Have you ever noticed that some submissions coffee has a small circle at the top? All you need to design the wrappers with this characteristic to remove natural gases while maintaining all of their features.

What are the presentations of gourmet coffee?

You’ll get gourmet coffee both in grains like coffee grounds. And yes, also in capsules. At first, the coffee capsules you can generate skepticism, doubts about whether he is rich or not. Well, like all types of coffee, it will depend on the quality. Of course that you can find coffee capsules, gourmet, to use in your coffee maker. It is practical and delicious!

How to preserve gourmet coffee?

Whether it’s coffee capsules, you just have to read the label of the product. Doubts arise when we prefer coffee on beans or ground coffee. Most important is the packaging. So these have the respirator mentioned above to prevent the fill light, moisture, or air. In fact, when it is gourmet, you will always have that feature.

How can I prepare gourmet coffee at home?

Of course! Even if you use it further in coffee shops, you can taste it at home and as you want: in infusion or cold. When it comes to coffee beans, the best idea is to grind them, before it, with a grinder manual or electric. If this is a gourmet coffee ground, you can use a variety of methods. The methods are coffee French, coffee Italian, or a simple cloth filter.

Benefits of gourmet coffee

Yes, the coffee, even when it is commercial, is full of properties. Those are energy, minerals, strengthening the immune system, among many more. Then imagine all that saves the gourmet coffee, one that dismissing grains. So that grains come without the degree of maturity desired, insects, leaves, etc.

Features organic that our body thanks

Organic coffee is one harvesting and processing by hand. Plus, not possible to contaminate with these chemists’ own crop mass. The gourmet coffee meets almost all of these traits, so he is very generous with our bodies. Being specialized processes is no such way to contaminate with any substances.

The reduction of stress and anxiety

Remember that gourmet coffee has a very important element: infinite aromas and flavors. That is to say; when you find your favorite, you know that with only the scent of you will feel a state of relaxation. It is not the same thing to fill your lungs with spices, flowers, and fruits that smell burnt or flat. You sit down to enjoy a cup of gourmet coffee might decrease stress and anxiety.

Prevention of Parkinson’s disease

Caffeine has a preventive effect against Parkinson’s disease. Even though there is not very clear exactly how it works, remember that each property of the coffee improves our health. That will associate with the taking amount and the style of life you are in.

Sure, you’ll be asking yourself, “what if this benefit me offers the coffee.” And in general, “why would you prefer the gourmet?” Imagine that you are drinking water with aloe vera in the morning. And you got yourself when removing the crystals from the ground. Now, put it in comparison to a water bottle with the “aloe vera” of the supermarket. “There is the point!

It helps our body

The coffee is super kind to the body. In fact, you can find prevention of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease. Plus, especially your body will develop antioxidant par excellence.

The gourmet ensures that, unlike any coffee commercial that appears in your way. It is easy to get carried away by a pack nice. Before investigating, read the ingredients, provenance, etc.
Yeah, we’ve all gone through that, but we can always start from scratch.

Does that mean that if you take all the gourmet coffee of the world, you will be able to avoid each of these diseases? No. you may not take the coffee as a universal savior. You need to be clear that if you consume it in excess could be fatal to your health.

Final Verdict

To enjoy more of the flavor of gourmet coffee in your coffee maker, KRUPS. It is advisable to purchase the whole grain. Because when you buy the ground coffee, you will find the beans oxidized and lose a portion of its aroma and taste. Do you want to know more about coffee? Then, visit our blogs. You will find out all about the best coffee makers KRUPS and the most interesting articles on coffee.

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