The old model coffee maker eventually falls into disrepair. The consumer has a choice: throw it away or use it on the farm. Here is a selection of the most interesting ideas that will transform an old coffee maker.

Appearance Update

Most of the models are completely unattractive. On a plain background, follow their recommendations to apply a pattern. That pattern matches the general interior of the kitchen.

Preparing Other Drinks

This technique can brew more than just delicious coffee. You can prepare the tea, hot chocolate, cocoa, or punch in it. It’s like a home beverage machine.

What to do with old coffee maker

You can brew tea in a coffee maker, right here as follows:

  • Add 2-3 teaspoons of tea granules or leaves. If you need to get a powerful drink, increase its amount.
  • Pour cold water.
  • Switch on the device.You can also prepare cocoa and other beverages in the same way.

Attention! You can apply this method intending for coffee machines that function like geysers.

To make punch you will need:

  • Liquid honey, whiskey, and two tea bags
  • Mix all the ingredients and add to the compartment;
  • To fill with water;
  • Insist the drink.

You can prepare hot chocolate right here, as follows:

  • Take a tile and grate it on a fine grater;
  • Add grated chocolate to the milk and boil the drink.For cooking, it is best to take a chocolate bar with a high content of cocoa beans.

Cooking Meals

There are ways to cook food in a flask and without it on a heating device. During the cooking process, you take care to ensure that not clog the filter of the coffee machine. You should keep the recipes and ingredients present on the tables.

Dishes cooked in a coffee maker flask:

  • Fast-cooked porridge
  • Rice
  • Eggs
  • Noodles
  • Corn
  • Fondue
  • Chicken piecesYou should use the flask of the coffee maker for those dishes that do not need a long time to prepare. This method resembles the cooking mode set on a multi-cooker.

Dishes cooked on the heating element of the appliance:

  • Hot sandwiches
  • Fried sausages

The cooking method is unsafe. In the process, there is a risk of scalding your hands or ruining the dish if you cannot remove it from the disc in time.


Assume, you cannot make the coffee maker operational or repairable, but it still has a glass flask. Then you can use that glass flask as an aquarium with fish or snails.

Vase or storage container

You can use its flask as a flower vase or a vessel for various items. You can put it on a shelf or set it as decor, putting the petals of dried roses, peonies, or other plants inside.

Final Verdict

You can transform Old things if there is imagination and a desire to create. An old coffee maker can not only decorate the interior but also serve as a tool for quick cooking.

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